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Basic Power of 2, Series GP, Count increasing Subarrays, Max Sum without Adjacents, Find position of set bit, Set Bits, Longest Consecutive 1's, Maximize sum after K negations, Sum of Consecutives, Pairs with given XOR, Juggler Sequence, Elements before which no element is bigger, Minimize the sum of product, Preorder Traversal, Level order traversal
Easy Anagram, Adding One, Maximum Gap, Pattern Searching, Rotation, Search in a Rotated Array, Parenthesis Checker, Palindrome numbers, Merge Two Sorted Arrays, Magic Number, Maximize Toys, Consecutive elements, Large Factorial, Trailing zeroes in factorial, Maximize Number of 1's, Non Repeating Character, a^b(Set 2), Minimum number of Coins, GCD of Array, Count Odd Factors, Reverse words in a given string, Pythagorean Triplet , Move all zeroes to end of array, Remove “b” and “ac” from a given string, Majority Element, Sort an array of 0s, 1s and 2s, Pairs with difference k, Two numbers with sum closest to zero, Number of Coins, Maximum value in a bitonic array, Possible words from Phone digits, Single Number, Element that appears once where every element occurs twice, Longest Distinct characters in string, Maximum of all subarrays of size k, Remove Duplicates, Sum of two numbers represented as arrays, Greater on right side, Common elements in three arrays(error), Convert array into Zig-Zag fashion, Key Pair, Inversion of array, Maximum Difference, Product array puzzle, Count Smaller elements, Subarray with given sum, Pair in array whose sum is closest to X, Swap all odd and even bits, Count pairs with given sum, Three Great Candidates, Minimum element in a sorted and rotated array, Count the Zeros , Distinct absolute array elements, 0 - 1 Knapsack Problem, Maximum Number of 1s, Pallindrome Patterns, Lexicographically previous permutation, Maximum average subarray, Next larger element, Count digits in a factorial, Count number of substrings, Largest number with given sum, Non Fibonacci Number, The Nth Fibonnaci, Element appearing once, Equilibrium point, Floor in a Sorted Array, Buildings receiving sunlight, Maximize Dot Product, Max value, Flip Bits, Finding the numbers, Sort by Set Bit Count, Minimum Energy, Count Increasing Subsequences, Left or Right Positioned Array, Max and Min Products, LCS with permutations, Max Length Removal, Min Number of Flips, Find Maximum Sum Strictly Increasing Subarray, Largest Even Number, Count Pairs in an Array, Find (a^b)%m, Circular Prime Number, Min sum formed by digits, Min Subsets with Consecutive Numbers, Move all negative elements to end , String Manipulation, Maximum 0’s between two immediate 1’s , Smallest window in a string containing all the characters of another string, Pairwise swap elements of a linked list by swapping data, Given a linked list of 0s, 1s and 2s, sort it., Add two numbers represented by linked lists, Linked List in Zig-Zag fashion, Detect Loop in linked list, Remove duplicates from an unsorted linked list, Delete without head pointer, n'th node from end of linked list, Left View of Binary Tree, Delete Middle of Linked List, Intersection of two sorted Linked lists, Remove duplicate element from sorted Linked List, Level order traversal in spiral form, Reverse Level Order Traversal, Depth First Traversal for a Graph, BFS traversal of graph, Lowest Common Ancestor in a Binary Tree, Determine if Two Trees are Identical, Root to leaf path sum , Absolute List Sorting, Lowest Common Ancestor in a BST , Level order traversal Line by Line, Print BST elements in given range, Print a Binary Tree in Vertical Order, Minimum Depth of a Binary Tree, Odd even level difference , Remove every k'th node, Leaf at same level, Is Binary Tree Heap, Find Maximum value , Check if Linked List is Palindrome, Max distance between same elements, Kth largest element in BST, Print Common Nodes in BST
Medium Coin Change, Kadane's Algorithm, Find Missing And Repeating, Sum Of Prime, Number of Unique Paths, Maximum Sub Array, Print Diagonally, Wave Array, Overlapping Intervals, Equal Sum, Binary String, Next Permutation, Longest Increasing Subsequence, Longest Common Subsequence, Minimum number of jumps, Count ways to N'th Stair(Order does not matter) , Edit Distance, Maximum Rectangular Area in a Histogram, Min Coin, Consecutive 1's not allowed, Count of Subarrays, Path in Matrix, Trapping Rain Water, String formation from substring, Case-specific Sorting of Strings, Sum of bit differences, Maximize The Array, Factorials of large numbers, Longest Palindrome in a String, Concatenation of Zig-Zag String in ‘n’ Rows, Relative Sorting, Largest square formed in a matrix, Nuts and Bolts Problem, Rotate a 2D array without using extra space, Dyck Path, Minimum Cost of ropes, Form a palindrome, Maximum length Bitonic Subarray, Length of the longest substring, Smallest number on left, Longest consecutive subsequence, Convert an array to reduced form, Palindromic Array , Is Binary Number Multiple of 3, Preorder Traversal and BST, Search Pattern, Triplet Sum in Array, Palindromic Strings, Bleak Numbers, Satisfy the equation, Maximum Profit , Circle of strings, Special Matrix, LCM Triplet, Taking 1 out of 3 consecutives, Total Decoding Messages, Unique BST's, Distinct Transformations , Subsets, Longest Prefix Suffix, K’th smallest element, Sum of Subarrays, Maximum calorie, Longest Common Substring, Count Palindrome Sub-Strings of a String, Find patterns, Check if a string is repetition of its substring of k-length, Smallest distinct window, Given a linked list, reverse alternate nodes and append at the end, Reverse a Linked List in groups of given size., Delete nodes having greater value on right, Count BST nodes that lie in a given range, Check for BST, Bottom View of Binary Tree, Intersection Point in Y Shapped Linked Lists, Connect Nodes at Same Level, Diagonal Traversal of Binary Tree, Min distance between two given nodes of a Binary Tree, Range Minimum Query, Find the number of islands, Circular tour, Make Binary Tree , Extreme nodes in alternate order, Kth element in Matrix, Max length chain, Sum of permutations, Longest Consecutive Subsequence, Number of root to leaf paths, Smallest range in K lists, k-th smallest element in BST, Polynomial Addition, Inorder Successor in BST
Hard Maximum Index, Minimum sum partition , Maximum of minimum for every window size, Head to Tail ordering, Find Prime numbers in a range, Largest Number formed from an Array, Find sum of different corresponding bits for all pairs, Rearrange an array with O(1) extra space, Return two prime numbers, Sorting Elements of an Array by Frequency , Path of greater than equal to k length, Longest valid Parentheses, QuickSort on Doubly Linked List, Reorder List, Binary Tree to DLL