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School Missing number, Bubble Sort
Basic Reverse an Array, Power of 2, Nth Fibonacci Number, Sort a String, Automorphic Number, Print the Kth Digit, Permutations of a given string, Check if the number is Fibonacci, Missing number in array, Swap two nibbles in a byte, Remove Spaces, Count total set bits, Reverse sub array, Swap kth elements, Intersection of two arrays, Remove recurring digits, Evaluate the x + a = b statement, Find position of set bit, Keypad typing, Generate binary string, LCM of given array elements, Sum of primes , Rotate by 90 degree, Subset Sums, Sum of divisors, Nth Even Fibonacci Number, Count Sorted Rows, Padovan Sequence, Make a Distinct Digit Array, Interesting Patterns, Replace the Bit, Drive the car, Find first and last occurrence of x, Sort in specific order, Check if two arrays are equal or not, Invert the Bits, Check if divisible by 11, Check if divisible by 4, Find difference between sum of diagonals, Fake Profile, Size of Binary Tree, Inorder Traversal, Count Leaves in Binary Tree, Merge Sort, Quick Sort, Height of Binary Tree, Finding middle element in a linked list, Sum Tree, Postorder Traversal, Implement Stack using Linked List, Implement Queue using Linked List , Print all nodes that don’t have sibling, Preorder Traversal, Search a node in BST, Implement Atoi, Count distinct elements in every window
Easy Pascal Triangle, Squares in N*N Chessboard, Magic Number, Reverse words in a given string, Does robot moves circular, Is Square, Maximum sum increasing subsequence, Array to BST, Key Pair, Inversion of array, Fibonacci Sum, 0 - 1 Knapsack Problem, Shortest path to print, Last two digit fibonacci, Reverse a linked list, Rotate a Linked List, Reverse a Doubly Linked List, Right View of Binary Tree, K distance from root, Check for Balanced Tree, Merge two sorted linked lists, Determine if Two Trees are Identical, Absolute List Sorting, Lowest Common Ancestor in a BST , Minimum Depth of a Binary Tree, Binary Tree to BST, Expression Tree, Check if Linked List is Pallindrome
Medium Kadane's Algorithm, Longest Increasing Subsequence, Minimum number of jumps, Factorials of large numbers, Tic-Tac-Toe, Total Decoding Messages , K’th smallest element, Divisible by 8, Sum of Subarrays, Trie | (Insert and Search), Print leaf nodes from preorder traversal of BST, Stepping Numbers, Delete nodes having greater value on right, Check for BST, Add all greater values to every node in a BST, Delete a node from BST, Detect cycle in a directed graph, Make Binary Tree , Clone a Binary Tree, Longest Consecutive Subsequence, Find the Closest Element in BST, Delete keys in a Linked list, Top View of Binary Tree
Hard Sorting Elements of an Array by Frequency