GATE CS All India Mock-2 (AIM - 2)

If you aspiring GATE 2022, then this is the right place for you to be in!!

GATE CS 2022 Mock Test is a simulation of the real exam, so attempting this free online test will surely boost your GATE exam preparation.

This test consists of the complete GATE 2022 syllabus and question pattern of GATE Computer Science and has been exclusively made by GATE toppers & our experts.  


  • In this mock, you will find MCQ, MSQ, and NAT-type questions. 
  • This mock will help you in knowing your strong and weak points and accordingly, you can prepare for the upcoming GATE 2022 exam.
  • This mock will familiarize you with the examination mode, pattern and will help you practice in the real-time scenario.

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65 Questions
100 Marks
3 Hours

Instructions for the Contest

GATE 2022: All India Mock - 2

Read the following instructions carefully.
1. Go through various question palette symbols and understand their meanings before starting the examination.
2. After the start of the examination, you can view all the questions by clicking on the Question Paper button on the screen.
3. This question paper consists of 2 sections, General Aptitude (GA) section for 15 marks and the subject-specific section (CS) for 85 marks. Both these sections are compulsory.
4. The GA section consists of 10 questions. Question numbers 1 to 5 is of 1 mark each, while question numbers 6 to 10 are of 2 marks each.
5. The subject-specific CS section consists of 55 questions, out of which question numbers 1 to 25 are of 1 mark each, while question numbers 26 to 55 are of 2 marks each.
6. Use the data given in the question while answering that question. If such data are not given, and the paper has useful data, then the same can be viewed by clicking on the Useful Data button that appears at the top, right-hand side of the screen.
7. The question paper consists of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Multi-Select Questions (MSQ), Numerical Anser Type(NAT).
8. Multiple choice type questions have four choices A, B, C, D, out of which only ONE is the correct answer. Select the answer by clicking on the radio button placed before the choice, with the help of the mouse.
9. For numerical answer type questions, a numerical answer should be entered with the help of the mouse and the virtual numeric keypad, which will appear below the question.
10. All those questions that are not attempted will carry zero marks. However, wrong answers for multiple choice type questions (MCQ) will carry NEGATIVE marks. For multiple-choice type questions, a wrong answer will lead to a deduction of 1/3 marks for a 1-mark question and 2/3 marks for a 2-mark question. There is no negative marking for MSQ & NAT questions.
11. Your answers will be saved on the server periodically and also at the end of the examination. The examination will stop automatically at the end of 180 minutes.

Quiz Details

Quiz marks will be added to contest-score after the contest gets over.
Be careful while submitting quiz questions. Once submitted answer can't be changed.
65 Questions
100 Marks