Geeks Classes Entrance Test-5

Aug 01 2018, 09:00 PM IST to Aug 01 2018, 10:00 PM IST

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Contest Description

GCET is the entrance test for Geeks Classes on C++ with following course

Course Content

  • C++ Basics: Operators, variables and control Flow(If, switch, goto, while, do while, for, break and continue).
  • Arrays: One dimensional and multidimensional arrays, strings.
  • Pointers and References : Pointers (basic to advanced), references, references vs pointers. pointers vs arrays.
  • Functions: Function parameters and arguments, inline functions, function overloading, recursion.
  • Basic object-oriented programming : Classes and class members, Operator Overloading and Inheritance.
  • Data Structures using C++: Implementation of Linked List, Stack, Queue, Tree, Binary Search Tree and Graph.
  • Standard Template Library (STL): vector, list, stack, queue, set, map, unordered_map, unordered_set, STL iterators, STL algorithms.


Geeks Classes Enrollment will be done on the basis of ranks secured in the contest. The contest consists of Multiple Choice Questions. Contest Duration: 1 hour


Frequently asked Questions:

  1. Will GeeksforGeeks founder be taking all lectures?
    Yes, Sandeep Jain will be taking all lectures alongwith the team of other competitive programmers.
  2. Is there any number to contact for any query?
    You may call +918375042560 for any query related to Geeks Classes.
  3. How much is a batch size?
    The planned batch size is 40.
  4. Those who have appeared in first contest, can they appear in this contest also?
    Yes, if you did not get admission through first contest, you may appear in this contest.
  5. Are top candidates of this contest also eligible for scholarship?
    Yes, we will be offering scholarships to top 10 candidates of GCET 5 also. First candidate 100 % fee deduction, second 75%, third 50% and other candidates in top 10 get 10%.
  6. What type of questions are going to be there in GCET 5?
    There will be 40 MCQs on basic aptitude, basic programming and computer knowledge.

Instructions and Prizes

  • The contest consists of 40 MCQs(Multiple Choice Questions).

  • MCQs will be comprised of different topics including Aptitude. Logical Reasoning & basic programming concept.  

  • There is no negative marking for MCQs.

  • There will be four options for each MCQs out of which only one is correct.

  • Response for MCQs will be recorded only if you submit your response for each question before moving onto the next question.

  • Try to submit the response for all MCQs before the contest ends, the response will not be recorded without submission.

  • Summary of MCQs will be accessible after the contest ends automatically.

  • MCQ responses are not allowed to change. Only submit your final answer.   


Scholarships for contest winners

Rank(s) Scholarship
1 100%
2 75%
3 50%
4-10 10%
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