Sudo GATE Mock Test I

Sudo GATE Mock Test I is full lenght Test which consists of 65 questions with 180 minutes time limit. The Test will cover the whole syllabus of GATE CS 2019 with easy and medium level of questions. The contest can be given atmost once, anytime before January 31, 2019.

65 Questions
325 Marks
3 Hours

Instructions for the Contest

  1. The contest is of 180 minutes.

  2. The contest consists of 65 MCQs(Multiple Choice Questions).

  3. There is no negative marking for MCQs.

  4. There will be four options for each MCQs out of which only one is correct.

  5. Response for MCQs will be recorded only if you submit your response for each question before moving onto the next question.

  6. Try to submit the response for all MCQs before contest ends, as response will not be recorded without submitting your response.

  7. Summary of MCQs will be accessible after contest ends automatically.

  8. Please submit response to a MCQ once you are sure, as you cannot change it once submitted.

Quiz Details

Quiz marks will be added to contest-score after the contest gets over.
Be careful while submitting quiz questions. Once submitted answer can't be changed.
65 Questions
325 Marks