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Computer Science for Class 5
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Course Features

  • Extremely beginner-friendly
  • According to CBSE Syllabus 
  • Free
  • Lifetime access to the Course
  • Track-based learning

Course Overview

Class 5 can be an overwhelming stage as you see yourself growing up and becoming a senior. While you will be introduced to a variety of subjects, come aboard with us to make your journey through senior school easier.

In this course, we will be teaching you Computer Science that is according to your CBSE curriculum itself. We will be introducing everything to you right from the basics such as the History of Computers, Types of Computers, How to Open a Program and much more so you can understand this exciting subject with ease. Our mentors are going to be the perfect teachers for you so you can learn Computer Science without any confusion.

We understand how difficult it can be to learn something new but we promise, we will make it fun!

Course Content

  • Part I:
    • History of Computer
    • Use of computer in earlier days
    • How computer came into existence
    • Calculating Devices
  • Part II:
    • Early IT-inventers
    • ENIAC
    • UNIVAC I
    • Generation of computer
  • Part III:
    • Types of Computers
  • Part I:
    • What is Windows 10?
    • What is an Operating System?
    • Different Types of Operating System
    • Important Features of Windows 10
  • Part II:
    • What are Icons?
    • What are TaskBar and its features?
    • How to select and deselect an icon?
  • Part III:
    • How to open a Program?
    • What is Sorting of Icon?
    • How can we personalize our Desktop?
  • Part I:
    • What is Table, Row, Column?
    • How to Create Table?
  • Part II:
    • How to Modify Table?
    • How to add and delete row/column?
  • Part III:
    • How to apply Border in Table?
    • How to Insert Images in Tabular Format?
    • How to perform Calculation in Tables?
  • Part 1 : 
    • What is mail merge.
    • What is main document.
    • What is source document.
  • Part 2:
    • How to create Main Document.
    • How to create source Document.
    • How to merge document.
  • Part 1 : 
    • What is powerpoint presentation.
    • What is slides.
    • What is create Photo album.
  • Part 2:
    • How to use ink equation
    • How to comment in slide.
    • How smart LookUp work.
  • Part 3:
    • How to view Presentation .
    • How to rearrange slide in PPT.
  • Part 1:
    • What is slide master.
    • How to create custom layout.
  • Part 2:
    • How to change colour scheme, background colour.
    • How to insert Smart Art
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  1. Is there any number to contact for any query?
    You may call us on our toll-free number: 1800 123 8622  or Drop us an email at​​​
  2. Do we have doubt support in this program?
    No, This program doesn't have doubt solving support.

  3. How can I register for the course?
    You need to sign up for the course. After signing up, you need to pay when the payment link opens.

  4. What type of certificate will be offered in this program
    Once the course is completed. You'll be getting a course completion certificate.

  5. When can I make the payment for the course?
    The payment link will be available on the course page.

  6. Will the course content be available after the course end date?
    Course content comes with lifetime validity.

  7. What should I do if I can't access the payment portal?
    Mail us with your details at

Course Registration

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CS-5 09 February '21 to 09 February '23 Online Classes