Sudo Placement 2
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Course Overview

A free of cost placement preparation course targeting MNCs like TCS, Infosys, Accenture, Tech Mahindra and many more. This course will contain Placement Preparation tracks & weekly Mock Tests which will help you learn different topics and practice at the same time simulating the feeling of a real placement test environment

Course Features

1- Preparation Guideline

  • Resume Building
  • Application Procedure
  • Details about the interview rounds
  • Interview Experiences

2-  Periodic mock test 

  • Duration - 3 Hour
  • 50 Multiple Choice Questions
    • 15 on Aptitude
    • 20 on Logical and Verbal Reasoning
    • 15 on CS subjects
  • 2 Programming question


3- Practice Tracks

  • MCQ Practice question
  • Subjective practice question
  • Coding Practice question

Course Content

  • Aptitude (Ratio, Proportion, and Progressions)
  • Verbal Ability (Basic Grammar)
  • Logical reasoning (Number Series, Symbol Series)
  • Basic Programming (Operators, DataTypes, Loops & Control Structure)
  • Aptitude (Percentages, Profit & Loss)
  • Verbal Ability (Spotting Errors)
  • Logical reasoning (Verbal Classification, Essential Part )
  • Basic Programming (Loops & Control Structure, Functions)
  • Aptitude (Sets, Functions, and Seating Arrangements)
  • Verbal Ability (Completing Statements)
  • Logical reasoning (Analogies, Matching Definitions)
  • Basic Programming (Storage Classes, Structures, Union, Enum)
  • Aptitude (Permutations, Combinations, and Probability)
  • Verbal Ability (Verbal Analogies)
  • Logical reasoning (Making Judgements, Logical Problems)
  • Basic Programming (Arrays, Strings)
  • Aptitude (Time, Speed, Distance, and Work)
  • Verbal Ability (Synonyms)
  • Logical reasoning (Statement and Assumption, Statement and Conclusion)
  • Basic Programming (Pointers, Advanced Pointers)
  • Aptitude (Number system, Equations, LCM and HCF)
  • Verbal Ability (Antonyms)
  • Logical reasoning (Cause and Effect)
  • Basic Programming (Analysis of Algorithms, Searching, Sorting)
  • Aptitude (Plane geometry, Areas and MensurationOOPs, Miscellaneous)
  • Verbal Ability (One Word Substitutes)
  • Basic Programming (OOPs, Miscellaneous)
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  1. What is the duration of the course?
    The course duration is of 2 months.
  2. What are the contents of the course?
    The course includes:
    • Complete guidelines for placement preparation
    • Practice Tracks
    • Weekly mock placement tests
  3. How frequently will the mock placement test happen?
    The mock placement test will be organized once in a week.
  4. Will there be any prize for the winners?
    Top 3 candidates will be getting goodies and certificates from GeeksforGeeks.

Course Registration

Batch Date Type Register
Sudo Placement 2 22 August to 11 March '18 Online Classes
Registration Closed
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