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Interview Preparation Package

Self-Paced Course
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Course Description

This bundle consists of the following courses: Complete Interview Preparation, Complete Test Series for Product-Based Companies & Mock Interviews. The perfect pack for you to ace your placements.
levelBeginner to Advance
Lifetime AccessComprehensive LearningIndustry Readiness

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Course Overview


Course Overview

Our experts came together and designed this pack for you so you can be the best in the room! This pack is inclusive of two of our best courses to be ready for placement which, when done together, will leave no stone unturned in your preparation.

It might sound very fast paced but we don't believe in pressurizing our students. As it is a self-paced course, you can do it at your own speed & comfort.

We have included -
  • Complete Interview Preparation worth INR 9999
  • Complete Test Series for Product-Based Companies worth INR 4999
  • Mock Interview
-which will help you to enhance your skills & upgrade in your workplace.

All of these are online self-paced courses, so once you get this bundle, you will never have to look anywhere else for more resources. If you have your placement season coming up, we suggest you get to work with this pack!

Recommended for: Candidates preparing for placements

Course Content

01Complete Interview Preparation

An interview-centric course designed to prepare you for the role of SDE for both product and service based companies.

For more information, please go here.

02Complete Test Series for Product-Based Companies

Complete Test Series to fulfill your Interview Preparation needs.

For more information, please go here.

Reviews and Ratings

Raj Ganesh R
Raj Ganesh R
Placed at HSBC
This is a really wonderful course to take on as a revision after completing Sandeep sir's DSA self paced course. I would request to focus on entire DSA instead of focusing on specific topics as the trend keeps on changing with respect to companies. I would like to thanks the creator of this course for providing quality questions.

Reviews and Ratings

user profile
Placed at Amazon
I purchased this course specifically targeting Amazon interviews. It not only helped me crack Amazon but helped in the interviews of other companies as well like MMT, Paytm, etc.
user profile
Suraj Kumar Shaw
Placed at Oracle
I use GeeksForGeeks website regularly to help me with various concepts. I came through this course and decided to enroll in the program. The content is very useful and I haven't found any other website which covers topics as well as this course. The material given on OS and DBMS was especially helpful for me. Sandeep Sir teaching method is quite efficient and I could grasp even the most difficult concepts with ease. Coding tips are handy for placement preparation. I have GFG and this course to thank for the opportunity I got to work with Oracle India Pvt Ltd.
user profile
Nishant Indal
Placed at Paisa Bazaar
This course provided a great platform for practice, and everything is available in one place. This course does not expire, unlike other courses, and you will keep learning. Thanks a lot, Geeksforgeeks for putting up an awesome course.
user profile
Pawan Pandey
Placed at Instagram
I joined GeeksforGeeks, especially for this course. Geeks classes have helped me to crack the placement at Instagram. I used to practice a lot of questions that were discussed in the class. Sandeep Sir and Shashi Sir were amazing and possessed a great knowledge of data structures and algorithms.
user profile
Rasheka Srivastava
Placed at Oracle
This course was a package which has been asked in company. It contains coding questions, technical subject quiz, OOPs concepts, Aptitude Questions, Object Oriented Design which is asked readily in every company. This package is seriously a Placement package assures 100% placement. It contains all the content relevant for placements and after completing each section you can appear for contests which give the experience as real company test. Thank you GFG,I got Placed in Oracle as Server Technology Engineer.
user profile
Abhishek Arora
Placed at Amazon
I thought this course was extremely well done, and proves it can be done. Currently, I am working in Amazon. The world is full of professionals that are interested in taking real courses for credit, but are on the road all the time. It built confidence and skills. Thanks for this wonderful journey at GeeksforGeeks.
user profile
Placed at Amazon
Complete Interview Preparation course helped me a lot in increasing my DS skills. Before starting this course, I was very weak in this subject but this course was so good that after completing this course I was able to crack the coding tests at Amazon. I have received a full-time offer from Amazon as a Software Development Engineer with a package of 30 Lakhs. I only focused on the content of this course as it was very comprehensive and concise. Practicing some more problems based on the topics covered in this course was very useful. Not only DS but also the variety of concepts covered in this course were great varying from basics of C++ and Java concepts (OOPs concepts), aptitude skills, verbal and analytical skills, and also System design topics with examples. Thank you GFG!
user profile
Rajan Arora
CFR Intern at American Express
Geeks For Geeks is an amazing place to learn code from starting. Being an absolute beginner, I started my coding life at GFG. First, I enrolled in Fork CPP that helped me to clear my fundamentals of C++ and start learning from the Placement Preparation Course because of the hands of the coding concept of DSA, I was able to improve my code writing skills and my problem-solving skills. to brush my skill I took the Amazon test series and participate in every event contest like Must Do Interview Preparation, Coding Round Contests - Test Series, 30 Days of Code, etc. I can say Sandeep Jain sir is an amazing, fun-loving teacher and made the class very enjoyable. The teaching assistants were very helpful and helped me learn from my mistakes. It was an amazing journey with Geeks For Geeks and I was fully satisfied with my course!! I Owe my success to Sandeep Sir and Geeks For Geeks!! Cheers!
user profile
Pushp Sood
Placed at Amazon
GeeksforGeeks gave me a greater understanding of what the classroom taught me! Right from addressing all my queries even during the odd hours of the day to allowing me access to a plethora of valuable resources, everything was taken care of by GFG impeccably. I cannot thank the entire GFG squad enough for helping me crack Amazon on my very first attempt!
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