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Course Features

  • The course contains coding round contests for 6 major tech companies. i.e.- Flipkart, Adobe, Paytm, Microsoft, Amazon and Google.

  • Each contest contains multiple rounds depending on the company's hiring process.

  • Target one company every week and attempt its contest anytime over the weekend.

  • Each round will imitate an actual interview round focusing on DSA questions. You will have access to hints and time complexities just like in a real interview

Course Overview

Whether you are a fresher or a working professional planning to prepare for your dream job, this free course is just for you! Come and target one company every week wherein you will be participating in a series of contests that are specifically designed as per the hiring process of major tech companies. The hiring process will be thoroughly explained to you in order for you to give it your best shot. These contests are based on the latest interview experiences posted on GeeksforGeeks by members of our Geek Family who have recently given an interview for that company.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn and understand the hiring process of each company.

  • Learn about the type of questions to expect in each company and prepare for them thoroughly.

  • Participate in the mock interview rounds to put your interviewing skills to test

Course Content

Week 1 - Flipkart
Contains 3 rounds that start on 5th December. 

Week 2 - Adobe
Contains 3 rounds that start on 12th December. 

Week 3 - Paytm
Contains 3 rounds that start on 19th December.

Week 4 - Microsoft
Contains 3 rounds that start on 26th December. 

Week 5 - Amazon
Contains 4 rounds that start on 2nd January.

Week 6 - Google
Contains 2 rounds that start on 9th January.


  1. How much does the subscription cost? 
    This course is free.
  2. How many hiring rounds will be there for each company?
    Each company has multiple hiring rounds. Each round will be given to you in the form of a separate contest.
  3. When can I attempt the hiring rounds?
    All the rounds for a company can be attempted anytime over the weekend. (See the weekly plan)
  4. How long is each round? 
    Depending on the hiring process, each round will be 45-90 minute long. All the details regarding the contest will be known to you beforehand. You can plan when to attempt it accordingly. 
  5. How will this help me prepare for coding interviews?
    We have used the latest interview experiences posted on GeeksforGeeks and carefully curated popular questions asked in each round. The contest will simulate the hiring round for the company. You will be asked to solve 2-3 DSA related questions in the given time frame. Expected time and space complexities will be provided to you just like in a real interview. You will also have access to hints. Just like in a real interview, asking for hints may have a negative impact on your overall score. 
  6. What are the programming languages supported in the contests?
    The participants can submit their codes in C++ or Java or Python.

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