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Complete Interview Preparation

Live Course
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Course Description

An interview-centric & placement-preparation course designed to prepare you for the role of SDE for product and service-based companies. Learn Resume Building, C++, Java, DSA, Core Subjects, Aptitude, Reasoning, LLD, and much more!

levelBeginner to Advancecourse duration150+ hours
Comprehensive LearningBeginner FriendlyCourse CertificateIndustry Readiness

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Course Overview


Course Overview

Your one-stop solution to cracking the coding interview of your dreams is here! Whether you're a college student or someone with experience, preparing for an interview requires smart learning, dedication, and great resources. And this complete preparation package will help you learn 4 years' worth of programming knowledge in just 6 months!

Key Highlights:

  • 150+ hours of recorded content from Mr. Sandeep Jain and other Industry Experts
  • 250+ Exclusive and Industry Specific Problems to Practice
  • Weekly Live Orientation Session to Provide a Detailed Roadmap to Course Completion and Boosting Skills to get interview-ready
  • Video Editorials and Hints in Intermediate and Advanced DSA Problems
  • 500+ MCQs to Practice from all Topics
  • 50+ Full Contests for real-time SDE Coding-Round Experience
  • 5 DSA-implemented Projects
  • Comprehensive Year-wise guided plan for easy learning of First, Second, Third, and Final year students
  • Supporting Notes for quick exam revisions

This well-structured course comprising of premium lectures, theoretical resources, practice tracks, and much more, divided into basic, advanced and subjective modules will help you build the confidence you require to crack your next programming interview. But hey, don't take our word for it, scroll down a little to read what our students have to say about this!

What Sets Us Apart

24 X 7 Doubt Support

Recognised Certification

Expert Mentors

Course Features
24 X 7 Doubt Support

A dedicated service provided with this course for free to help you overcome any doubt, at any time, and anywhere. So unleash your coding potential with confidence, as our Doubt Support service stands by your side! 

Benefits of this service: 

- Access to Expert TAs
- Prompt Response
- Tailored Guidance
- 1:1 Video & On-Call Support
& Much More

Now code with confidence, triumph over doubts, and level up your skills!

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What Sets Us Apart

24 X 7 Doubt Support

A dedicated service provided with this course for free to help you overcome any doubt, at any time, and anywhere. So unlea

Recognised Certification

Boost your coding street cred! Excel in the tech landscape with our comprehensive course and prestigious certificates that

Expert Mentors

With a passion for teaching, our mentor(s) sessions will provide tailored guidance to all the aspiring coders. Launch a successful tech career with


Course Content

01Programming Languages

 CPP and Java : Introduction, Variable & Operators, Flow Control, Functions & Loops, Arrays, Strings, Object Oriented Programming(OOPs) and more advanced concepts

  • CPP STL : STL Overview, Vectors, List, Pairs, Stack, Queue, Deque, Priority Queue, Set & Multiset, Map & Multimap, Unordered Set, Unordered Map, Mutating & Non-mutating Algorithms, Strings and more
  • Java Collections : Collection Overview, Java Lambda Expressions, Java Streams, ArrayList, Linked List, Stack, Queue, Deque, Priority Queue, HashSet & Linked HashSet, HashMap & Linked HashMap, TreeMap, String, Arrays Class, Collection Class, Sorting, etc.
03DSA (Basics to Advanced)
  • Basics : Build DSA foundation with concepts Arrays, Searching, Sorting, Stack, Queue and much more
  • Advanced : Master advanced concepts like Dynamic Programming, Graph, Trees, etc
04Object Oriented Design and Analysis
  • Introduction to Classes and Objects, Software Development Process
  • Introduction to UML, Class Diagrams & Object Diagrams
  • Use Case Diagrams
  • OOAD Case Studies like Design Online Movie Ticket Booking System, Design Ecommerce Platform, Design Parking Lot etc

Reviews and Ratings

Kashish Gupta
Kashish Gupta
Placed at Google as a Software Engineer
The CIP course is a great mixture of 4 years of my graduation. I got summarized and selected data in this course with good theory and awesome practice questions. It not only covers all important and standard questions and algorithms but Sandeep Sir even explained each question's brute force to optimized approach, their variations are covered too. This helps me a lot in interviews, as we know practice makes a man perfect. After purchasing this course I started to follow the weekly plan in the initial stage. I face a little bit of difficulty following a proper schedule but after some time I start to enjoy this course. After that I know how to move to the best approach and with enough practice, I understand which problem's variation is the given. Advanced topics like Graphs and Segment trees have seriously become easier after this course. I would like to say for GFG a proper study and consistent practice (from the practice section) can definitely make you interview ready.

Reviews and Ratings

user profile
Suraj Kumar Shaw
Placed at Oracle
I use GeeksForGeeks website regularly to help me with various concepts. I came through this course and decided to enroll in the program. The content is very useful and I haven't found any other website which covers topics as well as this course. The material given on OS and DBMS was especially helpful for me. Sandeep Sir teaching method is quite efficient and I could grasp even the most difficult concepts with ease. Coding tips are handy for placement preparation. I have GFG and this course to thank for the opportunity I got to work with Oracle India Pvt Ltd.
user profile
Nishant Indal
Placed at Paisa Bazaar
This course provided a great platform for practice, and everything is available in one place. This course does not expire, unlike other courses, and you will keep learning. Thanks a lot, Geeksforgeeks for putting up an awesome course.
user profile
Pawan Pandey
Placed at Instagram
I joined GeeksforGeeks, especially for this course. Geeks classes have helped me to crack the placement at Instagram. I used to practice a lot of questions that were discussed in the class. Sandeep Sir and Shashi Sir were amazing and possessed a great knowledge of data structures and algorithms.
user profile
Rasheka Srivastava
Placed at Oracle
This course was a package which has been asked in company. It contains coding questions, technical subject quiz, OOPs concepts, Aptitude Questions, Object Oriented Design which is asked readily in every company. This package is seriously a Placement package assures 100% placement. It contains all the content relevant for placements and after completing each section you can appear for contests which give the experience as real company test. Thank you GFG,I got Placed in Oracle as Server Technology Engineer.
user profile
Placed at Amazon
Complete Interview Preparation course helped me a lot in increasing my DS skills. Before starting this course, I was very weak in this subject but this course was so good that after completing this course I was able to crack the coding tests at Amazon. I have received a full-time offer from Amazon as a Software Development Engineer with a package of 30 Lakhs. I only focused on the content of this course as it was very comprehensive and concise. Practicing some more problems based on the topics covered in this course was very useful. Not only DS but also the variety of concepts covered in this course were great varying from basics of C++ and Java concepts (OOPs concepts), aptitude skills, verbal and analytical skills, and also System design topics with examples. Thank you GFG!
user profile
Pushp Sood
Placed at Amazon
GeeksforGeeks gave me a greater understanding of what the classroom taught me! Right from addressing all my queries even during the odd hours of the day to allowing me access to a plethora of valuable resources, everything was taken care of by GFG impeccably. I cannot thank the entire GFG squad enough for helping me crack Amazon on my very first attempt!

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