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Mathematics for Competitive Programming in Java - Self Paced

Self-Paced Course
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Course Description

Have you been hesitating to begin Competitive Coding because you're a bit scared of Maths? Or have you just not found the right starting point? In either case, worry not Geek cause we have got you covered with this course.

Course Overview


Course Overview

The registration for this course has ended. Please check out: Maths For CP (C++, JAVA)

This course is designed especially for 1st/2nd-year students whose knowledge may range from beginner to intermediate and are willing to strengthen their skills. Here you will be building your programming concepts in competitive programming with the help of highly curated lecture modules. Develop pro mathematical skills and learn to be fast. Faster than your competitors.

What you will learn


What you will learn

  • Time Complexities

  • Prime numbers and factorizations

  • LCM and other Mathematical Principles

  • Catalan numbers and much more

Course Content

01Module 1

Learn all about Time Complexity, Basics, Fibonacci & Bitmasking

02Module 2

Build up knowledge of Prime Numbers, Prime Factorization, DIvisors

03Module 3

Get hands on experience with GCD & LCM, Number Theoretic Functions & Mathematics Principles

04Module 4

All practice on Modular Operations, Modern Exponentiation, Binomial Concepts & Catalan Number

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