CS Core Subjects
Computer Science Theory
Learn core subjects of Computer Science like OS, DBMS & CN to prepare for interview in companies like Google, Microsoft, etc.
Candidates preparing for SDE Interview

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Online Course
Live: CS Core Batch 1
15 October to 15 October '20

Course Overview

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You’ve just stumbled upon the most complete, in-depth online Computer Science Core Subjects course. This course is designed for the candidates who are looking to strengthen their knowledge of OS, DBMS, Networking and SQL for academic and interview purposes. This course includes all the important topics required for interview preparation.

This course will help you prepare topics like Operating System, DMBS, Computer Networks and SQL for interview in top-notch companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, etc. The course has pre-recorded premium lecture videos by Mr. Sandeep Jain and theoretical concepts designed by experts. The course also has objective questions for practice to provide the ultimate learning experience.

This is a self-paced course which implies that you can complete the course at your own pace!

Course Features

  • Premium Recorded Lectures by Industry experts
  • Theory compiled by subject experts
  • Objective Questions compiled by subject experts

Course Content

  • Operating System and its Types

  • Multiprogramming, Multiprocessing, Multithreading

  • Process Management

  • Process Scheduling

  • Inter-process communication.

  • Multi-threaded programming.

  • Process Synchronization.

  • Deadlock

  • Deadlock Recovery

  • Memory Management 

  • Virtual Memory


  • Introduction to DBMS

  • Architectures

  • ER Model

  • Relational Model

  • Keys in Relational Model

  • Database Normalization 

  • Normal Forms

  • Concurrency Control

  • Indexing in Database

  • B+ Tree Introduction

  • SQL


  • Introduction to Computer Networks

  • Transmission Modes

  • Network Topologies

  • TCP/IP vs OSI Model

  • Circuit Switching vs Packet Switching

  • Flow Control Protocols 

  • Error Detection

  • IP and Classful Addressing

  • Classless Addressing

  • IPv4 vs IPv6

  • Routing Protocols

  • ARP & Reverse ARP

  • Transport Layer

  • TCP & UDP

  • Application Layer


  1. Is there any number to contact for any query?
    You may call us on our toll-free number: 1800 123 8622  or Drop us an email at geeks.classes@geeksforgeeks.org​​​​​
  2. How can I register for the course?
    You need to sign up for the course. After signing up, you need to make the payment by clicking "Pay Online" Button
  3. Does this course include Doubt solving assistance?
    No, this course doesn't include doubt solving support.

  4. Does this course include programming questions?
    No, this course contains video lectures, theory and Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) for practice.

  5. What type of certificate will be offered in this program
    Once the course is completed. You'll be getting a course completion certificate depending on your result in course tracks and contests.

  6. When can I make the payment for the course?
    The payment link will be available on the course page.

  7. Will the course content be available after the course end date?
    Yes, the content will be available for at least 6 months after the course is complete.

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CS Core Batch 1 15 October to 15 October '20 Online Classes
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