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DSA for Interview Preparation

Offline Course
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Course Description

Join our offline Data Structures and Algorithms course led by experienced mentors from top tech companies. Gain hands-on experience with classroom sessions. Register now!

levelBeginner to Advancecourse duration2 Months
Job AssistanceCourse CertificateAssessment TestsIndustry Readiness

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Offline Locations

Regus Co-Working, 3rd Floor, Tower - A, Unitech Cyber Park, Sector - 39, Gurgaon, Haryana, India - 122003
Unitech Cyber Park
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A-143, 7th Floor, Sovereign Corporate Tower, Sector-136, Noida, Uttar Pradesh - 201305
GFG Headquarters
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Course Overview


Course Overview

Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA) form the backbone of computer science and are essential for developing efficient and optimized software solutions. In today's fast-paced and competitive tech industry, it is essential to have a strong foundation in DSA to stay ahead of the curve.

GeeksforGeeks' 2-month offline DSA classroom program, led by experienced mentors from top tech companies, will equip you with the knowledge and skills required to excel in the industry. The program is designed for both students and working professionals seeking to upskill and enhance their knowledge in DSA, with classes held only on weekends to accommodate busy schedules. This program covers linear and non-linear data structures, sorting and searching algorithms, graph algorithms, dynamic programming, and much more with intensive.

Classroom Program Key Benefits:

  • 8-week offline course with in-person interaction with instructors and classmates
  • 60+ hours of recorded content by CEO & Founder Mr. Sandeep Jain
  • Strong Discord community full of like-minded people
  • Multiple assignments and contests to track progress
  • Quizzes in all modules
  • 24x7 doubt support (In addition to the in-class support)
  • 1:1 career guidance and tips on building an industry-oriented resume
  • Build networks and professional relationships
  • Structured learning environment

The benefits of our Offline program do not end here. You will also gain COMPLIMENTARY access to the Data Structures and Algorithms - Self-Paced by Mr. Sandeep Jain, CEO and Founder at GeeksforGeeks.

Register now to take your first step towards upskilling and enhancing your career prospects.

Class Timings: 

  • Saturday: 2:00 PM - 04:30 PM 
  • Sunday: 2:00 PM - 04:30 PM 

What you will learn


What you will learn

  • Start with the basics by learning the fundamentals of algorithms such as Asymptotic Notations, Time and Space Complexity Analysis, and more.
  • Gain a solid understanding of Mathematics, Bit Magic, Recursion, Arrays, and other algorithms while practicing problems to build a strong foundation.
  • Learn and implement Searching and Sorting Algorithms from basics to advanced concepts.
  • Master the concepts of Matrix, Strings, Linked List, Stack, Queue, and other related data structures.
  • Become a pro at advanced concepts such as Hashing, Graph, Tree, BST, Heap, Backtracking, DP, and more.
  • Practice algorithms such as Kruskals, Kosarajus, Prims, Rabin Karp, KMP, and many more with real-world examples.
  • Learn how to become a robust and efficient Coder and Developer, using techniques to optimize code and improve performance.
  • Gain hands-on experience with real-time projects to apply your knowledge and skills in a practical setting.

Course Content

01Week 1: Analysis of Algorithm, Mathematics, Bit Manipulation & Arrays

Class 1:  Analysis of Algorithm, Mathematics & Bit Manipulation

  • Asymptotic Analysis 
  • Time and Space Complexity
  • Masters Theorem
  • Bitwise Operators (Bitwise AND, Bitwise OR, Bitwise XOR, Left Shift, Right Shift, etc )
  • Problems: GCD and LCM, Iterative Power, Generate Power Set, etc

Class 2:  Arrays

  • Arrays - Introduction and Advantages
  • Types of Arrays
  • Operations of Arrays - Searching, Insertion, and Deletion
  • Sliding Window Technique 
  • Problems: Largest Element in an Array, Leaders in an Array Problem, Maximum Subarray Sum, etc
02Week 2: Recursion, Backtracking & Searching

Class 1: Recursion and Backtracking

  • Introduction to Recursion
  • Writing Base Cases in Recursion
  • Tail Recursion
  • Introduction to Backtracking
  • Problems: Print 1 to N Using Recursion, Rope Cutting Problem, Rat in a Maze, etc

Class 2: Searching

  • Linear Search
  • Binary Search - Iterative and Recursive Approach
  • Analysis of Binary Search
  • Two Pointer Approach
  • Problems: Index of the first Occurrence in SortedArray, Count 1s in a Sorted Binary Array, Square root of a number, etc
03Week 3: Sorting, Martix & Hashing

Class 1: Sorting

  • Overview of the Sorting Algorithm
  • Sorting Algorithms e.g. Bubble Sort, Selection Sort, Insertion Sort, Merge Sort, Quick Sort with Analysis
  • Stability of Sorting Algorithms
  • Problems: Minimum Difference in an Array, Chocolate Distribution Problem, etc

Class 2: Matrix and Hashing

  • Multidimensional Array
  • Passing 2D Arrays as an argument
  • Hashing Introduction, applications, and analysis
  • Collision Handling
  • Hashing Function
  • Problems: Transpose of a Matrix, Matrix in Snake Pattern, Count Distinct Elements, Frequencies of Array Elements, etc
04Week 4: Strings and Linked List

Class 1: Strings

  • String Introduction 
  • Overview of Pattern Searching Algorithm
  • Naive and Improved Naive Pattern Searching
  • Rabin Karp Algorithm
  • KMP Algorithm (Constructing LPS Array and Complete Algorithms)
  • Problems: Palindrome Check, Reverse words in a string, Anagram Search, etc

Class 2: Linked List

  • Introduction to Linked List
  • Traversing a Linked List 
  • Insertion and Deletion of Node in Linked List
  • Doubly Linked List and Circular Linked List
  • Problems: Middle of Linked List, Deleting a Node without accessing Head pointer of Linked List, etc

Reviews and Ratings

aviral dixit
aviral dixit
Placed at Wipro
Opting the data structures and algorithms course from Geeksforgeeks was the best decision of my life. It boosted my placement preparation, and a month of self-practice was all I needed to clear the rounds of various companies. The portal had selective questions on every topic for practice, which eventually helped me to land up a job at Wipro.

Reviews and Ratings

user profile
aviral dixit
Placed at Wipro
Opting the data structures and algorithms course from Geeksforgeeks was the best decision of my life. It boosted my placement preparation, and a month of self-practice was all I needed to clear the rounds of various companies. The portal had selective questions on every topic for practice, which eventually helped me to land up a job at Wipro.
user profile
Shikha Shree
Placed at Cognizant
Being a student from ECE background, I always struggled while coding. But after opting this course from GeeksforGeeks, things became much better with the proper guidance and study material provided. The mentors were so friendly and helpful that they would dedicate extra time to clear our doubts. The whole 2 month course gave me the confidence to appear in the IT companies.
user profile
Bhargav Ram
Aaum Research and Analythics
I am very glad that I have got placed in Aaum Research and Analytics as a data scientist. At the initial stages of my BTech, I was too frustrated and I am so confused about where to learn and how to develop my logical thinking. At that time GeeksforGeeks played an important role in my life developing skills from very scratch, motivation and patience developed my skills. I used to be very frustrated when I used to have errors in the code but to my mind, Sandeep sir told me one of the finest tricks have patience and belief and overcome the problem. I am very motivated by his kind words and another thing he told me "Struggles are the milestones for success" .Struggling means knowing your mistakes here comes me as a data scientist. One among every one wants to become this only few who face struggles come with the best monuments in their life. Thanks, GFG for everything along with emotional and moral support. I am confident that even I can be successful.
user profile
Anuj Rawat
Placed at Infoedge
I had applied for the Geeks for Geeks course mainly for training and placement purposes. I had a great experience and I got to know a lot about the types of questions frequently asked in companies, and many more. The course also helped me to brush up my coding skills and work on my grey areas. The course helped me in getting placed with great companies as well.

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