DSA- Online

4999 1999

Online Course
06 May to 30 June '19

Course Overview

An online course specializing in Data Structures & Algorithms with a mix of theory and practice. You will learn algorithmic techniques for solving various computational problems and will implement more than 100 algorithmic coding problems in a programming language of your choice. This course offers you a wealth of programming challenges that you may face at your next job interview. The course focuses mainly on Data Structure & Algorithms: the key to selection in top product based companies.
Recommended for:

  1. Pre-Final/Final year students preparing for the Placement drives
  2. Employees looking for a job change


This course is priced at INR 4999 but it is available for a price of INR 1999 during the offer period.
Hurry! Limited period offer.

*This is a Premium course and the seats are limited to 500 which will be entertained on a first-come first-serve basis.

Course Features

  • Premium Lecture videos by Mr. Sandeep Jain (CEO & Founder, GeeksforGeeks)

  • Dedicated doubt solving team to assist you

  • Weekly Assessment Tests & Practice Tracks

  • Certificate upon Course completion

  • Internship Opportunities at GeeksforGeeks

  • Course Content, Video & Discussion forum would be Active for At least 6 months post course completion

Course Content

  • Mathematics
  • Basic Recursion
  • Arrays: Searching, Sorting, Deleting, Shift, Rotation, Prefix Sum...
  • Bit Magic
  • Matrix: Search, Delete, Insert, Rotate...
  • Searching: Linear Search, Binary Search, Two pointer approach...
  • Sorting: QuickSort and its variation, Mergesort, Counting sort, Insertion Sort, Heap Sort, Comparator
  • Hashing: Different Types of Hashing Techniques, Collision resolution Techniques, Hashing Questions
  • Strings: Basic Operations, Naive Pattern Search, Other searching algorithms.
  • Linked Lists: Singly Linked List, Doubly Linked Lists, Circular Linked List, Skip List, Doubly Circular
  • Stacks: Stack Operations, Implementation, Different Questions
  • Queues: Queue Operations, Implementation, Different Questions, Deque Operations, Implementation, Different Questions.
  • Tree: Binary Tree, Tree Traversal
  • Binary Search Tree: Search, Insert, Delete and other important questions, AVL (Basic Introduction)
  • Heaps: Binary Heap, Questions based on heaps.
  • Graphs: Types of Graphs, BFS, DFS, Cycle Detection, Connected Components, Bipartite Graph.
  • Recursion and Backtracking: Backtracking questions, n queen, rat, knight etc.
  • Dynamic Programming: Properties (Top Down, Bottom Up, Optimal Substructures, Overlapping Subproblems).
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  1. Does the course include programming questions?
    Yes, the course focuses on DS & Algo with a mix of theoretical lectures and programming questions.

  2. Is this a paid course?
    Yes, the course is priced at INR 4999, but during the offer period, it can be purchased for INR 1999.

  3. How does the doubt assistance work?
    You can ask your doubt on the doubt solving portal a dedicated Teaching Assistants team would help you out.

  4. Is this a language-specific course?
    Yes, the discussion forum and doubt assistance are available only for C++ & Java.

  5. How can I register for the course?
    You need to sign up for the course. After signing up, you need pay when the payment link opens.

  6. What is the last date to register for the course?
    You may register till 11:55 PM 24tb April (IST)

  7. When can I make the payment for the course?
    The payment link will be available on the course page at 12 PM, 09 April 2019.

  8. Have some queries about the course?
    You may write to us at geeks.classes@geeksforgeeks.org

Course Registration

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