Data Structures and Algorithms
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Learn Data Structures & Algorithms at your own pace to prepare for top product-based companies like Amazon, Uber, Adobe, etc
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Course Overview

This course is for all those people who want to learn Data Structures and Algorithms from basic to advance level. We don't expect you to have any prior knowledge of Data Structure and Algorithms, but a basic prior knowledge of any programming language ( C++ / Java) will be helpful. This course gives you the flexibility of learning, under this program you can study your course whenever you feel like, you need not hurry or puzzle yourself.
Study and learn at your own pace

Why opt for this course?

This course is focused on Data Structures & Algorithms and will help you to prepare for product-based companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Adobe, etc. This is an online learning program which can be completed according to your pace. The course curriculum has been divided into 10 weeks where you can practice the question & attempt the Contest according to your time convenience.
The course content includes pre-recorded premium Video lectures & programming questions for practice. You will learn algorithmic techniques for solving various computational problems and will implement more than 200 algorithmic coding problems. This course offers you a wealth of programming challenges that you may face at your next job interview. The course focuses mainly on Data Structure & Algorithms: the key to selection in top product-based companies.
Recommended for:
  • Pre-Final/Final year students preparing for the Placement drives
  • Employees looking for a job change

How this course will guide you through your Interview?

  • Premium video lectures recorded by the industry experts.
  • You will be performing more interview centric programming questions.
  • Ample amount of algorithm coding problems to make you efficient for any big Interview.
  • Online contest to prepare for your online coding interview rounds.

Course Features

  • Lifetime access for the Course Content, Video & Discussion forum 

  • Premium Lecture videos by Mr. Sandeep Jain (CEO & Founder, GeeksforGeeks)

  • Tracks consist of theory & practice problem

  • Weekly Assessment Tests with Video Solutions

  • Course Completion Certificate

  • Internship Opportunities at GeeksforGeeks





Course Content

  • Mathematics
  • Basic Recursion
  • Arrays: Searching, Sorting, Deleting, Shift, Rotation, Prefix Sum...




  • Bit Magic
  • Matrix: Search, Delete, Insert, Rotate...
  • Searching: Linear Search, Binary Search, Two pointer approach...




  • Sorting: QuickSort and its variation, Mergesort, Counting sort, Insertion Sort, Heap Sort, Comparator
  • Hashing: Different Types of Hashing Techniques, Collision resolution Techniques, Hashing Questions




  • Strings: Basic Operations, Naive Pattern Search, Other searching algorithms.
  • Linked Lists: Singly Linked List, Doubly Linked Lists, Circular Linked List, Skip List, Doubly Circular




  • Stacks: Stack Operations, Implementation, Different Questions
  • Queues: Queue Operations, Implementation, Different Questions, Deque Operations, Implementation, Different Questions.




  • Tree: Binary Tree, Tree Traversal
  • Binary Search Tree: Search, Insert, Delete and other important questions, AVL (Basic Introduction)




  • Heaps: Binary Heap, Questions based on heaps.
  • Graphs: Types of Graphs, BFS, DFS, Cycle Detection, Connected Components, Bipartite Graph




  • Recursion and Backtracking: Backtracking questions, n queen, rat, knight etc.
  • Dynamic Programming: Properties (Top Down, Bottom Up, Optimal Substructures, Overlapping Subproblems).





Graph Algorithms

  • Shortest Path Algorithms
  • Connected Components
  • Bridges




  • Trie
  • Segment Tree
  • Disjoint Set






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  1. What does Self-Paced mean?
    You can join the course anytime. All of the content will be available once you get enrolled. You can finish it at your own decided speed.

  2. Is there any number to contact for any query?
    You may call us on our toll-free number: 1800 123 8622  or Drop us an email at
  3. Does the course include programming questions?
    Yes, the course focuses on DS & Algo with a mix of theoretical lectures and programming questions.

  4. Do we have doubt support in this program?
    No, This program doesn't have doubt solving support.  You may register for DSA- self-paced with Doubt solving.

  5. Is this a language-specific course?
    Yes, the course is only in C++ & Java.  In case you are not familiar with these languages, you may join one of the free courses, Fork CPP and Fork Java to best utilize this course.

  6. What do I learn if I am a Python Programmer?
    If you are a Python programmer, you get the following.
    1) The theory part of videos, algorithms in videos.  Note video explanations of implementations are specific to C++ and Java only
    2) Practice Questions will be in Python
    3) Forum support will be there in Python.
    It is recommended to prepare yourself with Fork Python if you are beginning with Python

  7. How can I access contest solutions?
    Contest solutions are available in Video mode in the contest section itself.

  8. When can i access the video solution of Contest problems?
    Once you've appeared in the online contest you can access the solutions. 

  9. How can I register for the course?
    You need to sign up for the course. After signing up, you need to pay when the payment link opens.

  10. What type of certificate will be offered in this program
    Once the course is completed. You'll be getting a course completion certificate.

  11. When can I make the payment for the course?
    The payment link will be available on the course page.

  12. Will the course content be available after the course end date?
    Yes, the Courses content come with a lifetime validity 

  13. Is there a sample video to see how are course videos?
    Yes, please see this video.

  14. Can I make the payment through PayPal?
    Yes. Mail us with your details at





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