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Fork Python Programming - Self Paced

Self-Paced Course
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Course Description

A free-of-cost course for the curious beginner in you so you could learn Python from scratch. Build your python foundation real-strong as you get an in-depth understanding of control structures, strings, functions & much more for free.

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Course Overview


Course Overview

Don't let the learner inside you wait anymore. Start building and enhancing your Python programming skills today!

This free Python course will definitely become your go-to guide that will help you get started in the world of python programming.
In this free course, you will learn how to solve coding problems using Python programming language. Not just this, but you will also learn all the knowledge which is necessary for you to convert your coding logic into an efficient python code.

Done with the free classes? We then recommend you to enrol in Python Foundation- Self Paced Course and continue your learning journey.

What you will learn


What you will learn

  • Build your python foundation
  • Solve coding problems with ease

Course Content

01Basics of Python

Input/Output, Data Types and Operators

02Control Structures

If else, Loops and Logic Building


Using strings, Inbuilt functions in String, String manipulation and Regular Expressions


Using functions in Python, Objects and Classes and Constructor functions

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Frequently Asked Questions


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Does this course cover every Python Concept?


Will every Python concept be covered in this course?


How long will the course content be available for?