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Course Overview

This course is especially designed for the Python beginners who want to enhance their Python skills and get better at solving coding problems using Python. This course will impart you with the knowledge necessary to convert coding logic to a python code. Complete this course to tame the Python!

Course Features

  1. Periodic Tracks
  2. Periodic Contests
  3. Comprehensive Learning Resources
  4. Free of Cost

Course Content

  1. Input/Output
  2. Data Types
  3. Operators
  1. If else
  2. Loops
  3. Logic Building
  1. Using strings
  2. Inbuilt functions in String.
  3. String manipulation
  4. Regular Expressions
  1. Using functions in Python
  2. Objects and Classes
  3. Constructor functions
  1. Using Lists in Python
  2. Inbuilt functions to manipulate lists
  3. List of lists
  4. Tuples
  1. Hashing in Python
  2. Dictionary usage
  3. Sets usage


  1. How can I register for this course?
    Click on the register button on You need to be logged in to register.
  2. What I have to pay for these Test series?
    You just have to pay with your efforts and precious time. Yes, this course is completely Free of Cost course with intention to help students.
  3. Do the tests have predefined schedule?
    Yes! the course is periodically scheduled. You can visit the above-given schedule table. Schedule and other descriptions are also given in the course page.
  4. What will be the duration of the course?
    1. The course begins on 2nd January.
  5. What are the contents of the course?
    The course includes:
    1. Complete topic wise test tracks
    2. Peridic Tests
  6. How frequently will the test happen?
    The test will be organized periodically.

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