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Full Stack Developer Bootcamp - Master Frontend to Backend

Self-Paced Course
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Course Description

Looking to explore a career as a Full stack Developer? This is the right place to start! Master the basic concepts required to become a Full Stack Developer with this free bootcamp. Learn the basics and move on towards a successful career!

Beginner FriendlyCommunity ClassesFlexible Learning

Course Overview


Course Overview

Being a Full Stack Developer requires one to be familiar with a wide range of web technologies, both front-end as well as back-end. They are responsible for designing, developing, and managing the full stack of an application or website. With this Full Stack Bootcamp, you will learn all the essential skills needed to become a successful web developer.The course aims to help you master all the basic and advanced level skills in the various tools and technologies involved in the field of Web Development. We will cover HTML, CSS, JavaScript and React JS for our frontend part, whereas we will complete our Backend part with Node JS and Mongo DB. You will also be getting hands on experience on project building which will greatly help boost your understanding of concepts.

Once you are done with this bootcamp, explore Full Stack LIVE Course with React and NodeJS

What you will learn


What you will learn

  • All important concepts of HTML, CSS and JS
  • HTML structures, important tags and elements
  • Responsive styling using flexbox, grid and animations
  • Add functionality using JavaScript
  • Learn to create React Components and hooks
  • NodeJS Module Systems and HTTP Modules
  • Async/Await in NodeJS
  • API Auth and Security
  • Introduction to DataBase, Mongo DB and Mongoose
  • MongoDB Aggregation Framework

Course Content

  • Tags and Elements
  • Containers and Text formatting
  • Links and Images, Semantic
  • Block and Inline elements
  • Lists
  • Forms
  • Adding Multimedia and Files
  • Additional Tags
  • Introduction to CSS
  • Formatting, Units
  • Stying, Selectors
  • Understanding Stacking Context
  • Flexbox and Grid
  • Psuedo Classes and Elements
  • Transitions and Animations
  • Responsive Web Design 
  • Basics of Javascript
  • JavaScript Fundamentals
  • Functional Programming
  • String Methods
  • Arrays
  • Objects
  • More about Functions
  • Document Object Model - DOM
  • Advanced JS
  • Assignments - Javascript
04React JS
  • Introduction
  • Components and Props
  • Life Cycle of Components
  • Events, States
  • Lists
  • useRef Hook
  • useEffect Hook
  • Fetching Data using Axios
  • Creating Global State using
  • useContext() Hook
  • useReducer
  • useMemo
  • useCallback
  • React Router 
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