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Android App Development Course for Beginners - Self Paced

Self-Paced Course
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Course Description

This beginner course on Android App Development will help you build a strong base on the fundamentals of Android. You will learn to create your own android applications from scratch & also practice by making a real-life app. Start Now!

levelBeginner and Intermediatecourse duration3+ hours
Comprehensive LearningCourse CertificateAssessment TestsCapstone Projects

Course Overview


Course Overview

Android powers over 80 percent of the worlds smartphones, and represents an incredible opportunity for developers everywhere. In this world of fast-moving technology, creation of new technology is taking centerstage. And here's your chance to be at the forefront in the world Android App Development.

This Fundamentals of Android App Development course will introduce you to the world of Android and teach how to build android apps from scratch. You will gradually start from the basics and get introduced to Android studio. You will then move on to learn all important topics such as Project Structure, Activity in Android, Groups, Adapters and all other important concepts and techniques that will transform you into an accomplished Android Developer. At the end you will get a chance to practice what you've learned by building your own Music Player App in Android.

This Android App Development Course is specially designed for those who wish to learn how to build Android apps. However, you need to have a basic understanding of JAVA Programming Language in order to have a seamless learning experience. So stop wasting your time on different apps, and start building your own!

Pre-requisites: You should know the basics of JAVA Programming Language before starting this course.

What you will learn


What you will learn

  • Create your very own android applications from scratch

  • Understand the concepts and techniques used in creating applications.

  • Deploy self-developed applications on android devices.

  • Learn how to create user interfaces for android applications.

Course Content

01Introduction to Android

Learn about Android Ecosystem, Android platform architecture, App fundamentals etc

02Installation Of Android Studio

Know about Android Studio,Basic app development workflow with Android Studio, Creating "Hello World" app, Project 1: Hello World and much more

03Project Structure

Get insights on Introduction to Android Manifest File, Concept Of Permissions, Localization Of Android App, etc

04View Groups : I & View : I

Get insights on Linear, Relative, Absolute views, View Group Class, View Class, View Attributes, Android UI Elements, etc

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