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Live Course
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Course Description

Discover the GeeksforGeeks GATE CSE 2025 LIVE COURSE, tailored for diverse learning styles. Master GATE 2025 with 10+ expert-designed courses, and engaging Problem-Solving Sessions. Elevate your preparation and unlock your potential with GeeksforGeeks!

levelBeginner to Advancecourse duration300+ Hours
Track-based LearningAssessment testsComprehensive LearningDoubt Solving

In case of any queries reach us via Call/Whatsapp on + 91- 7903436178

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Course Overview


Course Overview

In this course, our expert mentors have curated all the subjects with a mixture of self-paced learning modules and Live classes which will help you to prepare for GATE 2025 and beyond. The course will consist of Strategy, Tips & Tricks, Problem-solving, and Core Concept building covering the entire GATE Syllabus. In addition to this, get exclusive access to e-study materials, online doubt-solving sessions, quizzes, assignments, PYQ solutions with real-time guidance, and much more.

The course will be helpful for aspirants preparing for GATE/ESE/PGEE/ISRO. Learners at any stage of their preparation will be benefited from the course. You can attend this course from anywhere and clear your doubts without hesitation during the class itself. So what are you waiting for? Come and work on your GATE building skills, ace the All India Rank and grab your dream institutions/organizations.

Concept Booster and Problem-Solving classes will be scheduled.
**Concept Booster Sessions every weekend after GATE 2025

Instant Doubt Solving Sessions by IIT Toppers.

What Sets Us Apart

Regular Progress Assessments

GATE Refresher Modules covering PYQ solutions

24 X 7 Doubt Support

Recognised Certification

Expert Mentors

Course Features
Regular Progress Assessments

Stay informed about your progress with our regular assessments and mock tests. These evaluations will help you identify areas that need improvement and build your confidence.

Read more

What Sets Us Apart

Regular Progress Assessments

Stay informed about your progress with our regular assessments and mock tests. These evaluations will help you identify areas that need improvement and build your co

GATE Refresher Modules covering PYQ solutions

Our course offers exclusive GATE Refresher Modules that cover solutions to Previous Year Question (PYQ) papers Read more...

24 X 7 Doubt Support

A dedicated service provided with this course for free to help you overcome any doubt, at any time, and anywhere. So unlea

Recognised Certification

Boost your coding street cred! Excel in the tech landscape with our comprehensive course and prestigious certificates that

Expert Mentors

With a passion for teaching, our mentor(s) sessions will provide tailored guidance to all the aspiring coders. Launch a successful tech career with


Course Content

01Computer Networks
  • Concept of layering: OSI and TCP/IP Protocol Stacks

  • Basics of the packet, circuit, and virtual circuit-switching

  • Datalink layer: framing, error detection, 

  • Medium Access Control

  • Ethernet bridging; Routing protocols: shortest path, flooding, distance vector, and link-state routing

  • Fragmentation and IP addressing, IPv4, CIDR notation

  • Basics of IP support protocols (ARP, DHCP, ICMP)

  • Network Address Translation (NAT)

  • Transport layer: flow control and congestion control, UDP, TCP, sockets

  • Application layer protocols: DNS, SMTP, HTTP, FTP, Email.

For Detailed Syllabus check the pdf linked below

02Computer Organization and Architecture
  • Machine instructions and addressing modes. 

  • ALU,data-path, and control unit.

  • Instruction pipelining, pipeline hazards.

  • Memory hierarchy: cache, main memory, and secondary storage;

  • I/O interface

For Detailed Syllabus check the pdf linked below

03Digital Logic
  • Number System

  • Boolean algebra. Combinational and sequential circuits.

  • Minimization. 

  • Number representations and computer arithmetic (fixed and floating-point)

For Detailed Syllabus check the pdf linked below

04Theory of Computation
  • Regular expressions and finite automata. 
  • Context-free grammars and push-down automata.

  •  Regular and context-free languages, pumping lemma. 

  • Turing machines and undecidability.

For Detailed Syllabus check the pdf linked below

Reviews and Ratings

I have always been an average student, who just wanted to clear the semester exams somehow. I was never a confident bloke who could think out of the box and attempt questions differently. After I referred GeeksforGeeks, I found that more than out-of-the-box thinking, it was more Common Sense thinking which was required. I thank GeeksforGeeks for helping me in making my GATE exam a lot easier and enjoyable.

Reviews and Ratings

user profile
Asad Ali
GeeksforGeeks is and always be the Bible for Computer Science students. It helped me in every part of my journey till now be it coursework, Data Structures, and Algorithms & interview preparation, or the GATE exam. GeeksforGeeks has every topic well organized in the GATE preparation section and all PYQ's solved with proper reasoning. It gave me all the weapons for my arsenal to fight GATE and eventually succeed with AIR-148. I want to thank GeeksforGeeks for providing such high-quality content free of cost which helped me bag several job offers, complete my UG course with a 9+ GPA and crack GATE with a great rank.
user profile
GeeksforGeeks is a go-to place for GATE aspirants. During the course of my preparation, whenever I got stuck on any question or concept, I used GeeksforGeeks to get it cleared. The best part about GeeksforGeeks is that the content is very well explained in simple words. One can get notes on almost any topic on GeeksforGeeks. Along with theory, GeeksforGeeks also has practice quizzes that help with building the concepts. One of the most important aspects of GATE preparation is PYQs. GeeksforGeeks has a set of all previous year's questions which helped me a lot. When it comes to Data Structures and Algorithms, GeeksforGeeks has a platform on which we can practice coding. While we don't have to code in GATE, practicing coding on GeeksforGeeks helps to solve those tricky multiple-select questions (MSQs) and numerical answer type(NAT) questions in GATE. Overall in my opinion, GeeksforGeeks is the most complete platform for GATE preparation which helped me achieve my dream of securing a good ALL INDIA RANK in GATE CSE.
user profile
Yogesh Ashok Mandlik
All the teachers had given their best in this course and hence it is a flawless course. All the topics are covered as well as the explanation is very concise and to the point. The subject coverage and quality of content provided by GeeksforGeeks were top notches and it really helped me a lot to secure a good rank in Gate. Therefore I was able to complete the course much quicker than others with greater effect. Also, the Test series provided by GeeksforGeeks was as per my expectations and was very essential part of my gate preparation. Thank you GeeksforGeeks for this amazing course.
user profile
Aditya Sharma
I joined the GeeksforGeeks GATE 2023 course. It helped me a lot in brushing up on the concepts in the last 1 month before the actual exam. The test series was equivalently good. Though I was not able to complete the course but all the required topics were amazingly taught by the mentors. Cheers GeeksforGeeks!

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