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Self-Paced Course
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Course Description

Mock placement drive to prepare you for upcoming interviews.

Course Overview


Course Overview

This event will be held for helping students in their Placement Preparation, by aiding in testing the coding and analytical skills of our participants and to prepare them for the much-feared company placements through mock interviews with industry experts.

This event is unlike the common college events, not a hack-a-thon, not a workshop but exclusively organizing as a full-fledged placement mock drive which will help the students to crack the actual placements and bag dream offers.

This will be a 3-day power-packed event, mocking the exact details of an on-campus placement procedure.

Course Content

01<b>Day 1 - Opening Ceremony (5:00 PM - 5:30 PM IST) </b>

 A Chief Guest from GeeksforGeeks will be starting the event with an opening ceremony speech.

He will also be notifying the complete 3-day schedule of the event, judge systems, event sponsors, and the Prizes.

02<b>Day 1 - Roadmap to FAANG (5:30 PM - 6:30 PM IST) </b>

An industry expert will take a live session to help students understand what they need to work on, the do’s-and-don’ts in their academics, clarify some basic doubts that cloud the minds of most of the students, and give them an idea on how to achieve their dream job, the Roadmap to FAANG.

03<b>Day 1 - Coding Round (7:30 PM - 10:00 PM IST) </b>

The Coding Round will be the first elimination round for the participants. This will be like a real coding round test that the companies conduct for the placements, consisting of problem-solving, debugging, and aptitude questions.

Top performers will be qualified for the next round.

04<b>Day 2 - Technical Interview Round </b>

We have selected some industry experts, who will be conducting a close-to-real technical interview of the students who have qualified for this round, based on the coding round results, just like what happens in actual placements.

Those who clear this round will proceed to the next round.

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