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Google SDE Preparation Test Series

Self-Paced Course
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Course Description

A test series that will help you prepare for coding interviews for Google and other product-based companies. Programming questions similar to those asked in real-time Google interviews. The perfect test series to practice and test your skills!
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Course Overview


Course Overview

Looking for a resource to test your programming skills and practice in a real-time environment? This test series will help you in your Google Interview Preparation!
It includes a vast set of coding questions and problems that are regularly asked at Google for the role of SDE. Not only this, practising these questions will also help you prepare for coding rounds of other top product-based organisations.

This test series is designed by industry experts who have taken into consideration the topics of DSA that various top-notch companies put forward for hiring. It includes topic wise practice questions on topics like Arrays, Sorting, Matrix and more that are asked in interview rounds of Google.

This online test series also provides you with 10 real time practice contests that will give you a real time experience of the coding round for the role of SDE at Google and other product based companies. New questions are added and updated from time to time based on the new interview questions that are asked. So you will always have new questions to help you polish your coding skills.

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What you will learn


What you will learn

  • Learn about how to prepare, apply and crack the Google Interview. 
  • Practice questions on various Data Structures and Algorithms.
  • Learn how to tackle design problems.
  • Improve time management skills by participating in mock tests and practice contests.
  • Curated list of commonly asked interview questions.

Course Content

01Google Interview Overview

Learn about how to apply, prepare and crack the Google interview.

02Data Structure and Algorithms

Dedicated topic wise tracks to help improve your coding skills.

03Online Coding Assessment

10 assessment contests to help prepare for the online coding round for google.

04Mock Tests

Get Google ready through 4 mock tests based on actual Google interview experiences. 

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