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INR 1500 = INR 2500. Can’t believe it? Well you should!

We are giving you a GfG course voucher worth INR 2500 and a GfG branded T-shirt at just INR 1500. Too good to be true, right? The catch is that it's only available for the first 500 users. So hurry up!

This means, if you spend INR 1500, you are getting an extra value of INR 1000. So go ahead and use your INR 2500 voucher on any of our courses.

You think the fun ends here? Not so soon!
When you purchase this coupon, you will be entitled to certain privileges and details about Geeks Summer Carnival. Time for some special treatment!

Witness a lifetime of Geekiness in just 7 days from 12th-18th April during the Geeks Summer Carnival, where you will be attending first-in-industry exclusive events like Job Fiesta, Insightful Webinars, Hefty Discounts on Courses, Fun Activities, Stand-Up Comic and much more!

Please Note: You will receive a form for your goodies and the coupons on 11th April, 2021. The discount coupon can only be redeemed during Geeks Summer Carnival which is from 12th-18th April, 2021. Also, you can redeem only one voucher per course purchase and the last date to use the coupon will be 18th April, 2021 11:59 PM IST.


  1. How can I redeem this voucher?
    The voucher can be redeemed on any Online/Live course by GeeksforGeeks. The coupon can only be used during Geeks Summer Carnival ‘21 which is from 12th-18th April 2021. 
    NOTE: Only one voucher is applicable on one course. Multiple vouchers can not be clubbed to avail discount.

  2. What is Geeks Summer Carnival?
    Imagine a 7-day fun carnival dedicated to programmers, where you can attend insightful webinars, coding activities, stand-up event, and much more. Plus, we will be offering hefty discounts on our courses. So get ready for a week full of geekiness.

  3. When will I receive the voucher and goodies?
    You will receive the voucher and a google form on 11th April. After successfully filling the form, you will get your goodies within 6 weeks from the date of coupon purchase.
    Note: The voucher will be activated from 12th April till 18th April 2021 11:59 PM IST.

  4. Can I apply any coupon to avail discount on this voucher?
    No, you can not avail any kind of discount/offer on this voucher.

  5. Is there any number to contact for any query?
    You may call us on our toll-free number: 1800 123 8622 or Drop us an email at

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