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JAVA Core & Fundamentals

Live Course
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Course Description

This course is for candidates who wish to step up development using Java.

Course Overview


Course Overview

This course will help you to learn Concepts of Java fundamentals & Java Collections. The course will be mentored & guided by Industry experts having hands-on experience in Mentorship & developments in Java

It will be an online live (Live Stream) class, so you can attend this class from any geographical location. It will be an interactive live session, where you can ask your doubts to the instructor (similar to the offline classroom program).

Classes schedule for SIT Students would be
Thursday : 03:00 PM- 05:00 PM
Friday : 03:00 PM - 05:00 PM

Recommended for:
College students who are looking for summer training in Java.

Course Content

01Lecture 1
  • Why Programming? 
  • Java introduction 
  • Java platform independence 
  • Advantages of java over other languages Data types 
  • Variables 
  • Hello world Program 
  • IDE installation and Java versions
02Lecture 2
  • Binary number system 
  • How numbers are stored inside the memory How characters are stored 
  • Typecasting 
  • Operators 
  • Questions on Operators 
03Lecture 3
  • Conditional Statements 
  • Loops 
  • Scope 
  • Loop Control Statements (break and continue) Questions on Conditional Statements and Loops Pattern introduction 
  • Square pattern 
04Lecture 4
  • Questions on patterns - 
  • Triangular patterns 
  • Patterns which involves numbers and characters Introduction to functions 
  • Applications of functions
  • Return type of functions 
  • Function overloading 
  • Questions on functions

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