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SQL Foundation - Self Paced

Self-Paced Course
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Course Description

Structured Query Language or SQL is a database language used to create, retrieve & maintain data. If learning Data Science is your objective, then this beginner level SQL Self-Paced Course will help you become industry ready.
levelBeginner to Advancecourse duration17+ hours
Lifetime AccessComprehensive LearningCourse CertificateAssessment Tests

Course Overview


Course Overview

Structured Query Language or SQL is the programming language for relational databases like MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, Postgre, and more. As the name suggests, it is used when we have structured data (in the form of tables). So if your objective is to store, retrieve and maintain data in a structured manner, SQL comes in very handy.

In todays times of internet, there is no business that doesn't use or store data in different databases, and so in order to communicate with these databases, you need to learn SQL. It is an integral part of business operations, that is why learning this skill will always be beneficial for you. Also, in order to advance your career in the field of Data Science, SQL is one of the basics that you must learn Learn more about how learning SQL can help your career grow.

This SQL Self Paced course will teach you the basics of databases, types of commands, DML commands, functions and all other concepts of SQL that are a must know in the field of data science. Along with the great explanations of the concepts, you also get access to assessment tests that will help you judge your progress.

Course Content

01What is DBMS?
  • Databases
  • Databases vs FS
  • Relational and Non Relational Database
  • Database widely used(Example)
02Installation of MySQL
  • Installation
03Introduction to SQL
  • What is SQL?
  • Basic terminologies
  • ER Diagrams
04Types of Commands
  • Bried Description of each type of Commands (DML, DDL, DCL, TCL etc), Definitions and examples.
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