A Pool of Challenges to drive you through GATE. So mark your calendars and go Break a GATE!!!

10 December

GATE CS 2024 - All India Mock

65 Questions
100 Marks
180 Minutes
65 Questions
100 Marks
180 Minutes


Is your AIM is to crack GATE with top ranks? GeeksforGeeks is organizing recurring All India Mocks (AIMs), Scholarship tests, Subjective mocks, and much more throughout the year which is designed to simulate the real-time experience for D-day and give you an exact analysis of where you stand among peers in this battle of the toughest exam.

We provide AIM, Subjective Mocks, Quarterly Mocks and Paper Solving sessions. So Mark your Calendars!!!


  • Each Test and Challenge will be prepared exactly as per GATE standard and will focus on the core concepts.
  • Details for different types of mocks will be listed inside the Contest Page
  • For All India Mocks(AIM), you will be asked to solve 65 questions in 3 hrs.
  • For GATE Live Scholarship Tests, you will be asked to solve 24 questions in 1 hour
  • For Subjective Mocks, you will be asked to solve 20 questions in 1 hour.
  • The questions provided in the Mocks series will be based on the GATE CS 2023 Syllabus ( posted on GeeksforGeeks
  • You will have access to the final leaderboard and detailed analysis post contest is over. Just like in a real exam, Guesswork while answering may have a negative impact on your overall score


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16 December

GATE Data Science and Artificial Intelligence - All India Mock 2024