GFG Weekly Coding Contest

Participate every Sunday at 7 PM.

08 October

GFG Weekly Coding Contest - 123


Preparing for placements? GeeksforGeeks is organising a weekly recurring contest series which is designed to simulate the coding interview rounds of tech giants such as Google, Amazon, Adobe, Paytm etc. Our team of experts have put together each contest keeping in mind the type of questions and topics covered in interviews.

Contests are scheduled Every Sunday, 7 to 8:30 PM IST


  • Each contest will help you prepare for DSA based coding rounds in interviews. 

  • You will be asked to solve 2-3 problems based on data structures and algorithms in 90 minutes.

  • You will have access to hints. Just like in a real interview, asking for hints may have a negative impact on your overall score. 

  • You can solve the questions in C++, Java, Python.

  • Each submission will be tested on our critical test data.


  1. Score in a contest to get 2 Geeksbits for participation.
  2. Be among the top 8 rankers on our Monthly leaderboard; get 8 Geekbits as bonus. 
  3. These GeekBits can be redeemed on our rewards page.


  • Test your DSA knowledge. 
  • Consistent weekly practice for cracking coding interviews at top tech giants such as Google, Amazon etc. 
  • Free preparation for GFG Job-a-thon: Hiring Challenges


We are going live on Youtube immediately after each contest. GFG Mentors will be live streaming the video editorials and also solving your doubts.
Head to GFG Practice Youtube Channel

15 October

GFG Weekly Coding Contest - 124

22 October

GFG Weekly Coding Contest - 125

29 October

GFG Weekly Coding Contest - 126

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