Guess, What's Back?

The Biggest Festival For programmers is back!

What's Back?

The Biggest Festival For programmers is back!

From An Idea To The biggest Festival

What started with an idea is now the biggest festival for programmers. From exciting codewars to expert webinar series, this one week has it all.


Star Night

Twinkle Twinkle, Look, Here’s Your Star. Scroll Down to know who they are!

Code Studio

Witness the OGs breaking records.
Code Studio Season One. You can hear this already.

Chief Guests for the night

Stalls of the Day

Tick-tock on the clock, here the discounts do not stop! Come and make a halt at the one and only coder's stop.



Are you ready for the Game of Codes? 7 days, 7 codes, all you’ve got to do is merge them up for the code is dark and full of errors.


Time to go ‘down’ and 'across' your geeky knowledge to be the ultimate crossword champion!

Coder Hunt

On the Quest for a Virtual Treasure Hunt? Become the Next Geek-iana Jones!

Funnel It Out!

Bas code karke bore hue, karna hai kuch kaam? Like to code in reverse? Here's your great inaam!

Debugging Contest

Bzz..Bugs keeping you up at night? Use the anti-error spray to keep the bugs away!


If winning effortlessly is what you prefer, then you are just a spin away great discounts on our courses. Come and try your luck out here!

Geek-to-Geek Sessions

The only session you should be securing 100% attendance. 7 Days. 7 Experts. 7 Geeky Topics. Are you ready to Geek out?

Guess and Win

Come and find out whether your stars are aligned! Guess the price of the course and if you come close then go back home with a prize.


What is scarier, The Nun or the error in your code? Come find out!

Special 7

Come across 7 Samundar for an Everyday Challenge