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   Indiqube Garden, Koramangala, Bengaluru
  Upto 12 LPA (Based on skillset)

Last Date to Apply was Jan 21, 2022
About Company

InsurTech is one of the brightest spaces of innovation within the supercharged FinTech world. At Riskcovry, we are all about InsurTech. A bit more about us: We are a young team growing fast, our culture is open, direct and merit oriented. We are supported by some amazing investors. Our founders bring enormous depth across their backgrounds and between them have either founded or led 6 startups.
We don’t care which school/college you went to, or years of experience (our best hire to date is a dropout), but are you passionate about solving problems at scale using technology?
We look forward to working with you closely.

What do we believe in? Pls do evaluate dispassionately if you can align yourself with our core principles and values. No point in applying for the open role if this is not your cup of tea (and doesn’t need to be whatsoever - it’s just important for us; so let’s not just waste each others’ time here as these are fundamental to our company and

A. Bias for action. Speed over perfection. Ok to make as many mistakes while we work fast, but never repeat the same mistake again.
B. Customer > Company > Function/Department > I/me/individual. All decisions are made with this value framework.
C. Performance trumps everything else, including hierarchy/seniority. You will learn to unlearn at all levels. Be open to get and give candid feedback, and pls leave that ego or any sense of
entitlement at the door, no one cares.
D. Frugality is the mother of all invention :)
E. No “I” in TEAM. No if’s and but’s around this, unfortunately - teamwork is the only way to get things done.
F. Employee flexibility goes a long way, as is part of our culture. Quality of work > Quantity of time you put in. No inhibitions in geography, unless your team / role needs your on-ground
G. Self-starting + Ownership + Feedback loops are key measures of a talent’s growth in our organisation. See the problem, visualize/plan/design the solution, get feedback, implement,
repeat. Own and drive things to completion. Just raise your hand if you need help, which is always around the corner.

Job Description

We are looking for people who:
1. Have a strong bias for action and value speed over perfection.
2. Make decisions with this ethos: Customer > Company > Team > Me
3. Thrive in a flat and open organization
4. Recognize that frugality is the key to efficiency
5. Are self-starters and have a natural tendency to own company and team goals

Roles & Responsibilities

What will you do?
● You will be part of our cross-functional, agile development team helping them on various
● You will be engaged with all aspects of development right from design, to delivery and support
● You will be fully involved with helping to steer best practices and approaches adopted by the
● You will have the ability to think creatively and be confident in making suggestions
● You will develop solid and well-structured software that will play a key role in the successful
delivery of the solution

Requirements, Desired Skills and Experience
● Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering
● Strong understanding of data structures
● Hands on exposure to any popular programming language
● Practical knowledge of algorithms and their implementations
● Strong analytical skills
● Working knowledge of any popular web framework is a plus

Opportunities for the right candidate
● Build and develop SaaS and PaaS products from scratch
● Build the best-in-class UX based products
● State of Art technologies (Latest trends in the industry)
● Work with a well-knit team, almost like one’s family
● Startup culture and advantages of working in a co-working space
● Performance-based career progress and high visibility with management and founders