Senior Software Testing Engineer

  2 to 4 years
  3 to 5 LPA (Hike from previous organisation)

Last Date to Apply was Mar 07, 2021
About Company

Fleek IT Solutions is a leading independent software testing company specializes in providing unbiased and independent software testing services to global organizations and product companies. We always start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible, and finally, we go for WOW moments. Fleek IT Solutions is one of the best software testing services companies. We provide software testing outsourcing services and independent quality testing services across the globe. Our dedicated QA testers work closely with project stakeholders. We report directly to the clients and ensure that our deliverable meets all quality standards. As a quality testing services provider, we combine several testing activities including test planning, design, execution, and reporting into one multi-threaded process. It saves everyone’s time and money. We can do this because we’ve studied hard and taken the profession of testing software seriously.

Job Description

We are looking for an experienced Senior QA Engineer. You will be required to oversee all aspects of software and product testing within the company. This may include developing test strategies, drawing up test documents, identifying faults, and reviewing QA reports.

To ensure success as a Senior QA Engineer you should have extensive experience in analytics, high-level problem-solving skills, and the ability to project manage. A top-notch Senior QA Engineer ensures the smooth running of the QA team and ultimately customer satisfaction.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Understand requirements and prepare clear scope.
  • Create Test Plans.
  • Create Test related documents.
  • Re-create production bugs on Test Environment.
  • Communicate with internal and Offshore teams.
  • Execute Test Cases
  • Prepare Test Cases
  • Convert manual cases into Automation
  • Take ownership of changes going to production.
  • Advance Level of API Testing
  • Advance Level of Database Testing
  • Hold in 1 Programming Language.

Key Skills

  • Database Testing/Database Queries 
  • API Testing
  • Agile Software Development
  • Jmeter Scrum
  • Team Management
  • Software Testing
  • Testing
  • Test Automation

Job Type: Full-time