Problem Of The Day

Finding it difficult to develop a habit of coding? GFG is providing some extra incentive to keep your motivation levels always up!
Become a more consistent coder by solving one question every day and stand a chance to win exciting prizes. The questions will cover different topics based on Data Structures and Algorithms and you will have 24 hours to channel your inner Geek and solve the challenge.

Geek Nomenclature

Solve a problem to earn one Geek Bit.
If you successfully solve problems for 8 consecutive days you will get 8 additional Geek Bits.
You must have over 50 Geek Bits to be eligible for redeeming prizes


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  • The questions will be featured from a pool of public problems from the GFG Practice Portal.
  • If you are a frequent user of our Practice Portal, you may have already solved the featured Problem of the Day in the past. In that case you must submit your solution again to maintain the streak and earn a Geek Bit.
  • Only the questions given by us each day will be considered valid for earning Geek Bits. Any record of your previous submissions or number of questions answered in the past will not be considered.
  • The questions will range across varying difficulties and DSA topics.
  • You can solve the questions in C++, Java, Python.
  • Each submission will be tested on our critical test data. Only a fully submitted solution will be considered for a Geek Bit.
  • Each question has hints that you may use when you are stuck on a problem. Marks are deducted on hints usage but your submission will still be considered for a Geek Bit.
  • You will not earn any GeekBit if you view the full solution or editorial before submitting the answer. This will also break your POTD streak.
  • The 24 hours allotted to complete the problem will be according to Indian Standard Time and start at midnight each day.

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Share your approach on Twitter with the #POTDwithGFG and tag @geeksforgeeks and stand a chance to win surprise rewards.
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