Area of Rectange, Right Angled Triangle and Circle
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Calculate the area of rectangle, right angled triangle and circle.

The first line of the input contains T denoting the number of testcases. Then follows the description of testcase. Each testcase contains 5 space separated positive integers denoting the length of rectangle, width of rectangle, base of right angled triangle, perpendicular of right angled triangle and radius of circle respectively.

For each testcase, output a single line containing 3 space separated integers denoting the area of rectangle, area of right angled triangle, and area of circle respectively.
Note: We need to print the floor values of the areas. Also take value of pi = 3.14
1 <= T <= 103
1 <= length / breadth / base / perpendicular / radius  <= 103

32 32 54 12 52

1024 324 8490

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Author: dipjal1996

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