Bipartite Graph
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Given an adjacency list of a graph adj  of V no. of vertices having 0 based index. Check whether the graph is bipartite or not.

Example 1:


Output: 1
Explanation: The given graph can be colored 
in two colors so, it is a bipartite graph.

Example 2:


Output: 0
Explanation: The given graph cannot be colored 
in two colors such that color of adjacent 
vertices differs. 


Your Task:
You don't need to read or print anything. Your task is to complete the function isBipartite() which takes V denoting no. of vertices and adj denoting adjacency list of graph and returns a boolean value true if graph is bipartite otherwise returns false.


Expected Time Complexity: O(V)
Expected Space Complexity: O(V)

1 ≤ V, E ≤ 105

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Bipartite Graph

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