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Rahul loves to play with numbers, he challenges his friend Ankush with a problem related to numbers in which he has to first reverse the order of two digits and then swap them.

The first line of the input contains T, denoting the number of testcases. Each testcase contains one line containing 2 space separated numbers.

The output for each testcase should consist of 2 space separated numbers (after reversing and swapping the given numbers)

1 <= T <= 100
0 <= a, b <= 105

1234 67890
10000 3254

9876 4321

4523 1

Testcase 1:
Reversing the given two numbers will give: 4321 and 9876. After swapping it would come as: 9876 and 4321.

** For More Input/Output Examples Use 'Expected Output' option **

Author: Archit18_PEC

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