Water Overflow
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There is a stack of water glasses in a form of pascal triangle and a person wants to pour the water at the topmost glass, but the capacity of each glass is 1 unit. Overflow takes place in such a way that after 1 unit, 1/2 of remaining unit gets into bottom left glass and other half in bottom right glass.Now the pours K units of water in the topmost glass and wants to know how much water is there in the jth glass of the ith row.

Note: Assume that there are enough glasses in the triangle till no glass overflows. 

First line of the input contains an integer T denoting the number of test cases and each test case consists of three lines. First line contain an integer K, second line contains an integer i and third line contains an integer j.

Corresponding to each test case output the remaining amount of water in jth cup of the ith row correct to 6 decimal places.

1 <= T<=20
1 <= K <= 1000
1 <= i <= K
1 <= j<= K





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Contributor: Yash Kodesia
Author: Yash Kodesia 1

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