Chandler and Joey
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Joey is Chandler's friend and loves to eat pizza. One day on Joey's birthday Chandler planned to take him to a pizza place where Joey wanted to eat all kinds of pizza. Joey started eating pizza from the plates kept nearby. The Plates were numbered from 1 to 10^6. Plate number 1 had 1 pizza, Plate 2 had 1 pizza, Plate 3 had 2 pizzas, Plate 4 had 2 pizzas, Plate 5 had 4 pizzas, Plate 6 had 2 pizzas, Plate 7 had 6 pizzas, Plate 8 had 4 pizzas.... and so on. Joey ate them all. Chandler saw it and found unfair that Joey was getting them so easy. He decided Joey can only eat if any plate has even number of pizzas and he wants to keep a count of pizzas eaten, so he needs to know how much pizzas are eaten from that plate. 

First line of the input file consists of  an integer T denoting the number of test cases.Then T test cases follow. Each test case consists of a single line containing an integer N denoting the number of plates.

Corresponding to each test case, print a string "YES" and an integer denoting the pizzas count if pizzas count is even in that plate, otherwise print only a string "NO".

Output for each test case should be printed in a new line.

1 <= T <= 100
2 <= N <= 10^6





Plate 5 had 4 pizzas and 4 is an even number

Plate 2 had 1 pizza and 1 is an odd number

** For More Input/Output Examples Use 'Expected Output' option **

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