Count Leaves in Binary Tree
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Given a Binary Tree of size N , You have to count leaves in it. For example, there are two leaves in following tree

     /      \
   10      39

First line of input contains the number of test cases T. For each test case, there will be only a single line of input which is a string representing the tree as described below: 

  1. The values in the string are in the order of level order traversal of the tree where, numbers denote node values, and a character “N” denotes NULL child.

  2. For example:

    For the above tree, the string will be: 1 2 3 N N 4 6 N 5 N N 7 N

For each test case print the count of leaves.
Your Task:

You don't have to take input. Complete the function countLeaves() that takes root node of given tree as parameter and returns the count of leaves in tree . The printing is done by the driver code.
1<= T <= 30
1<= N <= 104

3 4 2 
4 8 10 7 N 5 1 3 


Test Case 2:  Given Tree is 
                               /     \
                            8       10
                          /          /      \
                       7          5        1
Three leaves are 3 , 5 and 1.

Note:The Input/Ouput format and Example given below is used for system's internal purpose, and should be used by a user for Expected Output only. As it is a function problem, hence a user should not read any input from stdin/console, and should not print anything on stdout/console. The task is to complete the function specified, and not to write the full code.

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