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Count possible ways to construct buildings
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Given N, the number of plots on either sides of the road. Find the total ways to construct buildings in the plots such that there is a space between any 2 buildings. All plots on one side of the road are continuous.
Lets suppose ‘*’ represents a plot, then for N=3, the plots can be represented as * * * | | * * *                               

Where | | represents the road.                                                                                                                                                                  
Note: As the answer can be very large, print it mod 1000000007

First line of input contains T denoting number of test cases. Only line of each test case contains one integers N, as described above.

For each test case output a single line containing one integer, the answer to the above problem.

1<= T <= 100000
1<= N <= 105




3 plots, which means possible ways for one side are BSS, BSB, SSS, SBS, SSB where B represents a building and S represents an empty space

Total possible ways are 25, because a way to place on one side can correspond to any of 5 ways on other side.


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Contributor: Tanuj Yadav
Author: tanujyadav97

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