Cross the hurdles: The Game
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You are playing a video-game in which your character has to cross N hurdles. Initially, your character has N energies states corresponding to each hurdle. All the hurdles have their respective heights.
Now, your character can only jump over a hurdle if its energy at that instant is greater than or equal to the hurdle's height.
When you cross a hurdle of height h, your current energy gets reduced by h. The remaining energy can rolled over for subsequent hurdles.
Also, after your character crosses a hurdle, it gets an energy boost that is equal to the position of that hurdle(1,2,3....).
So, given N, N energy states, and N hurdle heights; you need to find whether you can win the game or not. You can only win, if your character can successfully cross all the hurdles.

The first line of the input contains a single integer T, denoting the number of test cases. Then T test case follows. Each testcase contains three lines of input:-
The number N.
N energy states, separated by spaces.
N heights of hurdles, separated by spaces.

For each testcase, print "You Win!" space remaining energy if you cross all the hurdles, else print "Game Over".



1 1 1
0 2 4
1 1 1
8 4 6

You Win! 3
Game Over

For testcase1: Your inital energy for 1st hurdle is 1. The hurdle height is 0. You can cross it. The energy 1-0=1 get rolled over to the next state. Also, you gets a boost of 1 since you crossed the first hurdle. The total energy of the next state becomes 1(rolled over)+1(boost)+1(2nd states energy)=3.Now 3>= 2, so you can cross it. The energy 3-2=1 get rolled over. Also, you get a boost of 2 since you crossed 2nd hurdle. So, the next state's total energy becomes 1(rolled over)+2(boost)+1(state's energy)=4. Now, 4>=4, so you can cross it. The remeining energy is 4-4=0 plus the boost of 3 since you crossed hurdle 3. The energy at the end is 3.

For testcase2: 1 is not greater than or equal to 8. You can't cross the first hurdle.


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Contributor: Ankit Sharma
Author: Soul_xhacker

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