Delete keys in a Linked list
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Given a single linked list and an integer x. Your task is to complete the function deleteAllOccurances() which deletes all occurences of a key x present in the linked list. The function takes two arguments: the head of the linked list and an integer x. The function should

Example 1:

LinkedList = 2->2->1->4->4
x = 4
Output: 2 2 1 

Example 2:

LinkedList = 1->2->2->3->2->3
x = 2
Output: 1 3 3
Explanation: Given number to delete is 2.
After deleting all occurrences of 2, we
have elements in the list as 1, 3, and 3.


Your Task:
The task is to complete the function deleteAllOccurances() which should delete all the occurrences of given number x from the list and return the head of the modified linked list.

Expected Time Complexity : O(n)
Expected Auxilliary Space : O(1)

1 <= size of the linkedlist <= 100
1 <= x <= N

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