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A professor teaches Computer Science in his University. After the End Semester Examination, he checks all the papers and keeps them in descending order based on marks in the form of a pile. However he realizes that he has kept the papers in the box meant for Chemistry papers. He has to transfer the papers to the actual box that too in a pile with descending order of marks, and with some conditions.

1) He can withdraw a paper from the top of a pile only, and also he can place a paper on the top of a pile only.

2) He can keep a paper only at three places: box meant for computer science paper, box meant for chemistry paper, and he can keep the papers on the table also while withdrawing another paper from the top of a pile.

3) He can't keep the papers upon the table separately, i.e, he has to keep those papers in a single pile upon the table.

4) A paper with lower marks never comes below the paper with higher marks in a pile.

Displacing a paper to any pile would be called a move.

He wants to know in advance how many moves would he require. Compute the number of moves.


The first line of input takes the number of test cases, T.

The next T lines take the number of papers, N.


Print the number of moves required for each test case.









** For More Input/Output Examples Use 'Expected Output' option **

Contributor: Arpan Kundu
Author: akundusaltlake

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