Extended Egg Droping Puzzle

Let we have n=2 eggs and a building with k=36 floors. Suppose that we wish to know which stories in a 36-story building are safe to drop eggs from, and which will cause the eggs to break on landing. We make a few assumptions:

  1. An egg that survives a fall can be used again.
  2. A broken egg must be discarded.
  3. The effect of a fall is the same for all eggs.
  4. If an egg breaks when dropped, then it would break if dropped from a higher floor.
  5. If an egg survives a fall then it would survive a shorter fall.
  6. It is not ruled out that the first-floor windows break eggs, nor is it ruled out that the 36th-floor do not cause an egg to break.
Author: Amit Khandelwal 1
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