Fractional Knapsack
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Given weights and values of N items, we need to put these items in a knapsack of capacity W to get the maximum total value in the knapsack.
Note: Unlike 0/1 knapsack, you are allowed to bread the item.

First line consists of an integer T denoting the number of test cases. First line consists of two integers N and W, denoting number of items and weight respectively. Second line of every test case consists of 2*N spaced integers denoting Values and weight respectively. (Value1 Weight1 Value2 Weight2.... ValueN WeightN)

Print the maximum value possible to put items in a knapsack, upto 2 decimal place.

1 <= T <= 100
1 <= N <= 100
1 <= W <= 100


3 50
60 10 100 20 120 30
2 50
60 10 100 20


Testcase 1:
Total maximum value of item we can have is 240.00 from the given capacity of sack.


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Contributor: Saksham Raj Seth
Author: saksham seth

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