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Given an array nums of n elements and q queries . Each query consists of two integers l and r . You task is to find the number of elements of nums[] in range [l,r] which occur atleast k times.

Example 1:

Input: nums = {1,1,2,1,3}, Queries = {{1,5},
{2,4}}, k = 1
Output: {3,2}
Explanation: For the 1st query, from l=1 to r=5
1, 2 and 3 have the frequency atleast 1.
For the second query, from l=2 to r=4, 1 and 2 have 
the frequency atleast 1.


Your Task:

Your task is to complete the function solveQueries() which takes nums, Queries and k as input parameter and returns a list containg the answer for each query.

Expected Time Complexity: O(n*sqrt(n)*log(n))
Expected Space Compelxity: O(n)


1 <= n, no of Queries, k <= 104
1 <= nums[i] <= 103

1 <= Queries[i][0] <= Queries[i][1] <= n

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Interesting Queries

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