HashMap Operations
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Implement different operations on Hashmap. Different types of queries will be provided.
A query can be of four types:
1. a x y (adds an entry with key x and value y to the Hashmap)
2. b x (print value of  x if present in the Hashmap else print -1. )
3. c (prints the size of the Hashmap)
4. d x (removes an entry with key x from the Hashmap)

Example 1 :

a 1 2 a 66 3 b 66 d 1 c 

3 1 

Explanation :
There are five queries. Queries are performed in this order
1. a 1 2  --->  map has a key 1 with value 2
2. a 66 3 ---> map has a key 66 with value 3
3. b 66   ---> prints the value of key 66 if its present in the map ie 3.
4. d 1    ---> removes an entry from map with key 1
5. c      ---> prints the size of the map ie 1

Example 2 :

a 1 66 b 5 c

-1 1

Explanation :
There are three queries. Queries are performed in this order
1. a 1 66 ---> adds a key 1 with a value of 66 in the map
2. b 5    --->  since the key 5 is not present in the map hence -1 is printed.
3. c      ---> prints the size of the map ie 1

Your Task:
You are required to complete the following functions:
add_Value : Takes HashMap, x, y as arguments and maps x as key and y as its value. Does not return anything.
find_value : Takes HashMap and x as arguments. If HM contains x key then return the value, else return -1.
getSize : Takes HashMap as argument and just returns its size.
removeKey : Takes HashMap and x as arguments and removes x if it exists. Does not return anything.

1 <= Q <= 100



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HashMap Operations

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