Make the hit in power game !
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  Difficulty: Basic   Marks: 1

There are two integers (X and N). You have to make a number in such a way that it contains the first digit and last digit occurring in X, X, X3,  .... XN.

let's take  X=12 and N=5.
let l is last digit and f is first digit.
121  = 12  the first digit of 12 is 1(f1) and last digit is 2 (l1).
122 = 144 the first digit of 144 is 1 (f2) and last digit is 4 (l2).
123 = 1728 the first digit of 1728 is 1 (f3) and last digit is 8  (l3).
124 = 20736 the first digit of 20736 is (f4) and last digit is 6 (l4).
125 = 248832 the first digit of 248832 is 2 (f5) and last digit is 2 (l5).
We made a number in the format f1 l1 f2 l2 f3 l3 f4 l4 f5 l5 .
so number becomes 1214182622.

Input Format:
The line contains number of test cases T. t testcases follow. Each testcase contains single line of input containing  X and N .

Output format:
For each testcase in a new line, print output as directed.

1 <= T <= 150
10 <= X <= 84
1 <= N <= 5

10 5
19 4



** For More Input/Output Examples Use 'Expected Output' option **

Author: Shubham Nagaria

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