Minimum rotations to unlock a circular lock
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Given a lock which is made up of N different circular rings and each ring has 0-9 digit printed serially on it. Initially all N rings together show a N digit number but there is particular code which can open the lock. You can rotate each ring any number of times in either direction. The task to find the minimum number of rotations done on rings of the lock to open the lock.

The first line of input contains an integer T denoting the number of test cases. Then T test cases follow. Each test case contains two numbers - P which is random number and R which is required number to open the lock. Both the numbers contain equal number of digits.

For each test case, print the minimum rotations required to open the lock, in new line.

1 <= T <= 100
1 <= p,q <= 105


222 333
2345 5432


Input : 2345 5432 
Output : Rotations required = 8
Explanation :
1st ring is rotated thrice as 2->3->4->5       
2nd ring is rotated once as 3->4
3rd ring is rotated once as 4->3
4th ring is rotated thrice as 5->4->3->2

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