Mystic Falls School
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Mystic Falls School (which has classes from 1 to 12) allots admission numbers to Students as negative and  positive integers. Damon is a new admission in this school and he is the 199th student to get admission in class 11th. To his surprise, he has been allotted admission number as  -189. Damon being a curious guy wants to know the logic behind the admission number allotment. Can you help him!

The first line of the input contains an integer T denoting the number of test cases. The description of each testcase follows. Each test case contains a single line with 2 integers which are Xth student and  Gth grade i.e. class.

For each test case, output a new line with a single integer which should be the the admission number of the Xth student.

1 < =  G  < = 12             
1 < =  X  <  = 10000
1 < = T  < = 900

 Input : 

129  5
150  7
 556  8
 9  2
348  10
223  12
Output :

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Contributor: Diksha Singhal
Author: diksha1812

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