Non Repeating Character
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Given a string S consisting of lowercase Latin Letters. Find the first non-repeating character in S.

Example 1:

S = hello
Output: h
Explanation: In the given string, the
first character which is non-repeating
is h, as it appears first and there is
no other 'h' in the string.

Example 2:

S = zxvczbtxyzvy
Output: c
Explanation: In the given string, 'c' is
the character which is non-repeating. 

Your Task:
You only need to complete the function nonrepeatingCharacter() that takes string S as a parameter and returns the character. If there is no non-repeating character then return '$' .

Expected Time Complexity: O(N).
Expected Auxiliary Space: O(Number of distinct characters).
Note: N = |S|

1 <= N <= 103


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Non Repeating Character

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