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Overlapping rectangles
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Given two rectangles, find if the given two rectangles overlap or not. A rectangle is denoted by providing the x and y co-ordinates of two points: the left top corner and the right bottom corner of the rectangle. Two rectangles sharing a side are considered overlapping.

Note : It may be assumed that the rectangles are parallel to the coordinate axis.


The first integer T denotes the number of testcases. For every test case, there are 2 lines of input. The first line consists of 4 integers: denoting the co-ordinates of the 2 points of the first rectangle. The first integer denotes the x co-ordinate and the second integer denotes the y co-ordinate of the left topmost corner of the first rectangle. The next two integers are the x and y co-ordinates of right bottom corner. Similarly, the second line denotes the cordinates of the two points of the second rectangle in similar fashion.

For each testcase, output (either 1 or 0) denoting whether the 2 rectangles are overlapping. 1 denotes the rectangles overlap whereas 0 denotes the rectangles do not overlap.

1 <= T <= 10

-104 <= x, y <= 104

0 10 10 0
5 5 15 0
0 2 1 1
-2 -3 0 2


Testcase 1:
 According to the coordinates given as input ,two rectangles formed overlap with each other and thus answer returns 1.


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Author: AdityaChatterjee

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