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Pizza Mania
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  Difficulty: Medium   Marks: 4

Pizza Is a dish of Italian origin, consisting of a flat round base of dough baked with some toppings.
It is basically Circular in shape. It comes in 3 sizes-
Medium, and Large Pizza.

Abhinav is crazy for Pizzas.
Small Pizza has an area of 'S' units^2
Medium Pizza has an area 
of 'M' units^2
Large Pizza has an area of 'L' units^2

Cost of Small, medium and Large Pizza is 'CS' , 'CM', and 'CL' respectively.
Abhinav wants 
atleast 'X' units^2 of pizza .
What is the minimum amount of Rs. needed so that Abhinav can buy atleast X units square of Pizza?
If more than 1 arrangement is possible
Choose that one which requires Least Money. 

Two arrangements are said to be different if They have different quantities of Small , medium , or large pizzas!

First line contains the number of test cases-T
The next line contains 6 integers- X, S,
M , L , CS, CM, CL

Output one integer the minimum amount of Rs. needed.

1<=S< M< L<=100
1<=CS< CM<=1000


16 3 6 9 50 150 300




We want atleast 16 units^2 of Pizza

1S 1M 1L area= 3+6+9=18sq units , Cost=500

6S  area=18 sq units, Cost=300

2L area=18 sq units, Cost=600


of all the Arrangements, Minimum Cost is Rs. 300.

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Contributor: Abhinav Jain(iamabjain)
Author: iamabjain

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